Longstrider's Blog

06 May 2015

Cinco de Mayo plus One

Coins-World | Longstrider

This is part of a collection of Mexican coins I have that should have been up yesterday in honor of Cinco de Mayo. I first saw these at the coin shop I frequent and purchased one as I love toned coins. When I got it home and started to study it in greater detail I noticed it is a 1892 eight reales. That means it's a "Piece of Eight". The coin of every old time treasure movie. I fell in love the designs on these historic coins and decided to get more. They aren't to expensive so I try to get one every other visit or so to the coin store. There are some very nicely toned ones which I have a hard time resisting! It might pay off to check out some foreign coins when you get a chance even if you don't collect them. You might see something you like!

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