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25 May 2018


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   My newest blog is on my new 1864 Civil War Token. This one is commonly called Liberty-Our Army for the features on it. It is graded MS 64 BN by NGC. According to NGC it was encapsulated and graded on 3/5/2018. That means it doesn't need to be resubmitted till 3/5/2028. It is a F-47/332 a. That means the dies used are Patriotic die 47 on the obverse. This features the date, 1864 on the bottom and Conical Hat Liberty Head in the middle. At the top is LIBERTY. There are 12 border stars, 6x6, along the sides. The dies are by Charles D. Horter. The reverse die is 332 a. It features a closed wreath surrounding a star OUR ARMY and another star. The "a" means it is made of copper, in this case, or brass. It is of a common rarity. The "F" stands for Dr. George Fuld who developed all the die numbers.

   As you can see in the photos below the obverse has a large die crack running through it. This particular token has an early die state break. As time went on, the break opened up and became quite large. I have found that this new type of collection to be very enjoyable. I have met some wonderful people in my quest for new samples and new knowledge. What more could one ask for? Thanks for looking and please feel free to comment your thoughts.


A Guide Book of CIVIL WAR TOKENS by Q. David Bowers Second Edition


This example seems to be based upon early coppers from the U.S.


Level 6

Really nice addition to your collection of CWT's. Pretty cool die break on this one! Thanks for all your research and great photo's!


Level 5

Congratulations on the nice pickup. CWT's are an important part of our history. I wish I had more time to devote to them.


Level 7

I have slacked off buying I have been buying other items. I will still collect them I like them but I can't do everything at once believe me I tried. Great part of our history you can't get better than this. They call them tokens I call them money.. Ask anyone during the war they called them money to. I will get back I'm going thru a different phase but when I do it will be like I never left. That's what I like about this hobby. One month it's this another month it's something else. Great history very good grade I would enjoy that very much. Thanks for reminding me. Good pick up and write up. Mike.


Level 6

That is 1 historical token. I appreciate CWT more & more. I hope to see more blogs on them.


Level 6

Nice addition to your collection. I getting more and more interested in civil war tokens.

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