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21 Dec 2022


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So I brought this coin home and started studying it. That is the best. Raw research rules. So I first decided I had an 1880 8 reales with an assayer of J.A.. This guy’s name is unknown at this time. I took a lot of magnified photos to no avail on a mint. Then I tried some alternative lighting. That brought out an “o” above or at the mint mark place.

These 8 Reales coins are laid out, on the reverse, with the Cap and Rays design. Below that and reading left to right is the denomination, mint, year, assayers initials , and purity of silver that was used in colonial times.

So since I thought I knew the year and assayers initials as well as the “o“ I stated with a good reference book and the process of illumination. The J.A. assayer in that year only made coins that had the “o” in the mint mark at the Hermosillo “Ho”, and Gaunajuato “Go or G” mintmark. After looking at a ton of photos I decided to go with the Hermosillo mint. Confidence is high, 100%, maybe.

I then posted my question and photos to one of the Mexican Numismatic groups I belong to on facebook. The consensus of was I have an 1880 8 Reales Mexican Cap and Rays from the Hermosillo Mint and the assayer of J.A., KM# 377.9. The entire process was a blast. With the help of some numi friends and good books this mystery was solved, I think. Thanks for reading. Please feel free to comment. Check out the photos and tell me if you see something else. I almost have convinced myself I see an over date stamp in the “O” of ‘1880”?


Mexican Numismatics-Facebook

Mexican Money, Vol. 1---Don and Lois Bailey



Level 4

Gem or not, still a really cool coin nonetheless !


Level 6

A very cool and unique coin indeed! Your research on this one has been top notch! Good job! Nice photos too! ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

There are few collectors who I know that put such passion and devotion into coinage as yourself. Especially for a coin in which many others would pass by. This one being a true beauty knowing what you're looking at. What a find!

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Magnificent quality of yourcoins. Indeed, they deserve to be called gems. Great blog, thanks. Merry Christmas!!! God bless you all.


Level 5

Very cool coin and research.


Level 5

I would of bought it because of the hole and never wondered what exactly I had. Great investigation work. Nice looking coin. Mexico has great coinage. Thanks for a great post.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Aren't those wonderful coins? I have one that I treasure! Now I will have to look at it and compare notes.


Level 7

That's the way to research a coin. Well done. Books there the knowledge. You didn't give up asked the right people and now you know what you have. That's like a blue print to research. Many people will learn from this I did. Thanks for doing all your work.. Its important to know what coin you own. Thanks great blog glad you did it.

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