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29 Nov 2021


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So I was getting a couple of coins to put up on another site I frequent for their “Mexican Toner Tuesday”. I thought they looked pretty good so why not put them up here for all my ANA friends to enjoy, I hope. None of these coins are rare or expensive. I will just give a short information list on them.

The first coin is a Mexican 1959-- 50 CENTAVOS. It is a bronze coin that was circulated from 1955-1959. It weighs in at a 14 grams and has a diameter of 33mm. The KM is # 450.

The next coin is a 1932 UN PESO. This circulating coin was minted 1920-1945. It is .720 silver with a weight of 16.6 grams. It has a 34mm diameter. KM #455.

Next up is my 1980 One Troy Ounce of non circulating, bullion .925 silver. This coin weighs 33.625 grams. It is 41.5 mm in diameter. It was minted from 1978-1980. The KM #79b.5 meaning it is a variety with a raised “O” as well as the direction the left pan of the scale points to the “U” UNA. This coin was sold as a bullion coin, much like our SAE’s.

If the reader would like more info on these three coins I suggest you go to en.numista.com. They have all the juicy facts I am leaving out today. I hope you enjoy seeing these beauties. Feel free to comment.

SOURCES: en.numista.com


I. R. Bama

Level 5

Cool, John! Loved seeing them !

Agreed with thatcoinguy. Nice toning!


Level 4

Neat coin. Thanks for the info


Level 5

Love that last pic!


Level 6

Nice blog! These are really beautiful! Mexican coins are one of the best areas to collect! ; )


Level 5

Thanks for sharing Longstrider! I really like the design of the 1932 UN Peso ! The toning on those coins is pretty nice also. I usually don’t care for toned coins, but these pictures have made me rethink that concept!


Level 5

Love the toning on the last one!


Level 5

Awesome coin toning. When I was younger, always thought toning decreased value and appeal. I was wrong, or things have changed. I like toning, but sometimes the toning jyst looks crusty or dull. The rainbow colors are interesting. Thanks


Level 7

Excellent coins my friend. I love the Latina and light toning. I have some pesos not as nice as thes. Thanks for sharing them !!

AC coin$

Level 6

Nice coin collection , my favorite coin and, great information .

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