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20 Dec 2021


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Well it seems a Christmas miracle happened. My lost/stolen POW Chit submission to PMG showed up. Yesterday marked 2 months since it tracked lost/stolen. It just showed up in my P.O. Box. No explanation. It is in excellent shape as is the box it came in. I am going to find out, in more detail, what happened.

I credit this miracle to my Congressman Jay Obernolte. I contacted him with my problem and about a week later my parcel shows up. It was a last resort plan and it sure did work. I would recommend to everyone, contact your Congress person when all else fails. It worked for me. Please check out the photos to see the chit and the box. Note the dates on the box of Registered Mail.


No Sourcesother than me



Level 4

That is amazing to get them right before Christmas. And after 2 months of being lost/stolen, incredible!

AC coin$

Level 6

God bless you , that's great news I am happy for you my friend .


Level 6

Thanks everybody for commenting.


Level 5

Sometimes, it takes a congressman for heads to roll! Way to hang in there!


Level 6

That's fantastic! All of your efforts for recovery payed off! Enjoy that Chit! ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

All's well that ends well!

Long Beard

Level 5

Outstanding! As you've mentioned, I also have contacted state and federal representatives when having an issue. Surprising that 99.9 % of the time you'll get the desired results you seek.


Level 5

That’s good you got it back. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again. Happy Holidays! 🥳


Level 5

I’m so glad you got them back!


Level 7

The stealing goes on. I just heard my friends package as stolen from his porch.. The people making the delivery make it very easy for them.. For every package stolen the driver didn't do his job should come out of his pay! Then the package will be signed for. Or in the mail box ring the bell. Close his door when making a delivery on the truck.. I have seen them. I could of walked up graded a package and kept walking. Sad.


Level 5

Happy days !!!! That is great. Nice item to finally have in your possession!!


Level 6

Congrats!! Things turned out okay


Level 4

Wow! It's good that you got your chit back! It is in great condition!

Glad you got it back!


Level 7

That's great news. You are lucky! It came in great shape. I'm very happy for you. To bad stealing is still going on.

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