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09 Jul 2019


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At the risk of going too far I am going to list one more Peace Dollar VAM today. This coin is a nice specimen of a 1923 VAM 1C. Commonly called the "Tail on O", this is a very desirable variety. It has a rarity listing of R-6, meaning very rare (several hundred) and an interest level of I-4 meaning major die variety with universal interest to variety collectors. This is also a Top 50. Since I bought this coin raw, it is once again encapsulated and attributed by Variety Slabbing Service.

I want to keep this short so as not to bore everyone so I will just talk about this VAM alone. The '23 VAM 1C obverse shows a small diagonal die break to the right of the last ray in Liberty's tiara. There is also a die gouge through the "S" in Trvst" to the rim. This is made with hub "II".

The reverse is where the money shot is. With a hub number "B2a" there is a die break from the lower part of the "O" in "DOLLAR" going diagonally to the left. Since this is a die break it shows as a blob of extra metal on the coin. In late die states, like this coin, it can be quite large. Some coins also show a collar clash below and to the right of "LAR" in "DOLLAR". There is some push in the VAM community to have this variety classified as a separate VAM. It hasn't happened yet.

Well fellow members, that is it for know. I hope I kept your interest and you learned from my blog. Please comment and enjoy your day.


Vam World 2.o--http://ec2-13-58-222-16.us-east-2.compute.amazonaws.com/wiki/Home




Level 4

Thank you for this educational blog. Blessings!


Level 5

VSS is it's own third party company. They will designate the variety on coins already in third party holders as well.


Level 6

It doesn't give any grade to the coins. That must be understood. It attributes the VAM type, as you said.


Level 6

Enjoy your passion for the VAM's


Level 5

Pretty cool. I love your passion for VAM's.

It's Mokie

Level 6

THAT is a spectacular VAM Longstrider, you have got to make it a point to share a VAM type as often as you can. It educates all of us and even inspires some of us to keep on looking.


Level 6

Good to know. Glad you like them. I am looking for more today...

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Nice VAM!


Level 6

Nice blog! This is one of my favorites... Love that "Tail" on the "O". Very cool Longstrider! Thanks again for a great blog!


Level 7

Thanks for a higher learning experience I learned from the blog and the xomment. It's great to be back. The blog was great the pictures and the comment. Can't get better than that. Thanks. For your time and effort.

Is VSS it's own third party trading company, or does it attribute already stabbed coins?


Level 6

Very good question. Actually it does both. It will put the same VAM sticker on coin that is in a TPG slab. This is done as until recently most of them, TPG, only attributed very few VAMs. He does NOT assign any grade to any coin. They also do excellent photography of any coin.. They do very nice work. Check them out online. I won't list his site address here as I don't want people to think I am selling his services.. No selling here people.. Thanks!

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