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17 Aug 2014

Buffalo Nickels: Where to Buy

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I am a bargain hunter! Flea Markets are the place to get coins for a discount. These places show some nice coins for great prices.

As for the Buffalo Nickels, they are very common at flea markets. Search "Flea Market" on Google, and find the one for you! they even have ancient coins at some! I love USA coins, but I have seen British, Canadian, African, and many, many more! Everything for the beloved Buffalo, to the new 2014 commemoratives. some flea markets even sell error, rare, etc. coins! I hope to add more tips later!!!!! :D Also, coins are not the only thing at a flea market!!!!



Level 4

All great place to search , you can ask friends too - If you have a good reputation, then people will let you look at their collections & if they want to sell, they will call you first !


Level 7

No flea markets around here but it's great if you can make it to them.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

getting an old collection from some one that doesn't know anything about it or wants to get rid of it is always the best


Level 5

Wish there were more flea markets in my area!


Level 6

Speaking of Buffalo nickels...I remember them being used as "buttons" and such on clothes and bags... I wonder how many were "Three-legged"... ahhh : )


Level 4

Thanks for the info! will make sure to visit one!


Level 4

I got a 1926 Liberty Standing quarter, 1910 Barber Dime, V Nickel


Level 3

Great article, will definitely keep an eye out for coins next time I am at the flea market


Level 5

Note to self: Buy bank boxes and look for flea markets. But don't forget the good old-fashioned coin stores! I can't wait to hear more tips, and it looks like you guys have plenty!


Level 6

Great idea. Out here, southern Ca., Flea Markets are also called Swap Meets. Yard sales/Garage sales are also a great place to hunt for bargains. I've been buying bank boxes of Lincoln cents to search through. $25 gets a lot of Lincolns. I've done pretty good on die varieties, errors and wheaties. When your done, you just sell them back to the bank. If your lucky, you can find one of those Coin Star machines in your bank/credit union, that doesn't charge anything. That way, you don't even have to roll them! Good luck!


Level 4

I love garage sales!!!!! Great tips!

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