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14 Nov 2014


| luv2collect

I got a half-dime (1854) for $4 @ an antique store!!! YAY! Anyone else have any great price stories?



Level 5

Hmmm. don't have one!


Level 7

I've been lucky a few times. Never expected it. As a matter of fact I didn't know about it till two years later in one case. Good for you on a nice pick up. Hope you have many more. Keep those eyes Sharpe.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is great


Level 4

cool,I got an 1899 black eagle $1 silver certificate for free!!!!!!!!!!


Level 5

That is insane!!


Level 5

An older sister ( maybe 19, it was a few years ago) of a friend once let me look through some old coins she had. out of it, I got an 1862 holed quarter inn G-4, a wheat I think and some other stuff I dont remember. Also in the b ox was a 1962 silver dime but since I was 10 at the time I didnt take it cause i already had a bunch lol


Level 5

Found a 1912 Canadian dime in the bottom of an old storage box.


Level 4

good deal!!


Level 4

36-year collector ... too many stories to count!


Level 5

Free 1882 Dime


Level 6

That is cool! I always look through containers of coins at antique/vintage stores. You never know what one might find :)


Level 5

Very cool. Things like this keep the hobby exciting.


Level 3

Holed 1871-S Seated half in F-VF for $12 at a show!

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