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22 Dec 2022


| MercuryDime#

I just found a 1946 wheatie in my change at my local food lion. What are the chances of this happening?


I. R. Bama

Level 5

1217:1 odds


Level 5

Still able to find one every now and then. Always makes me smile.


Level 6

Wow! That's quite a blog... Glad you found a cool coin! Maybe you could go into some details about it. ; )


Level 6

Looks pretty good. Tell me about the coin.

Long Beard

Level 5

Finding Wheat-backed cents in the wild is getting scarcer as the years pass by. None the less it's always a thrill rediscovering these lost gems of the past. For many years I've released roughly two rolls worth at various dates and places for this purpose, to excite the public and perhaps gain a new collector in the process.


Level 5

I have a piggy bank full of every wheat cent I found in circulation since I started collecting coins 50 years ago. I will have to count them to see how many I averaged a year. Sadly, I don't remember my last find, but I do remember finding one Indian Head cent in circulation!

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

In odd reality...wow. The probability equation is unknown. Great find. Welcome back. Never give up. Merry Christmas. .!!!


Level 7

Welcome back.! We missed you. I hope everything is ok.! Golfer is right its very hard to find a wheat cent in change today. Have a Merry Christmas.


Level 5

I haven't found a wheat cent in change for quite a while. With cards being used more and more the chances of finding a wheat might be slim. I have a bunch of wheats I put in rolls ready for the bank. Not wheats I want to keep, or very collectible. Always fun to find a collectible coin in change. Nice find.

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