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29 Jan 2022

The Importance of the 3 dollar Gold Piece.

| MercuryDime#

The Importance of the Three Dollar Gold Piece.The Three Dollar Gold piece is an anomaly to most collectors, and some speculate that it was used for one purpose: The purchasing of a 100 stamp sheet of 3 cent stamps. It is valuable today for several reasons, rarity, SHEER AWESOMENESS, and the price of gold; as gold is skyrocketing.
More to come soon:)(how do i change from user_16299?)?



Level 6

I wouldn't say the price of gold is actually "sky-rocketing"... ; )


Level 5

Like this gold coin.


Level 5

Can you add photos? Mintage stats?

Long Beard

Level 5

Nice coin, but tiny. Click on My Account at the top, My Profile then under My Account again (left side), User name/password. I started following you.

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