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01 Jan 2016

Book Review: The Standish "Coronet Collection" of Morgan Dollars

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Morgan Dollar: America's Love Affair with a Legendary Coin Featuring the Coins of the Coronet Collection by Michael "Miles" Standish with John B. Love; Forward by John M. Mercanti. Whitman. 2014. 154 + v pages, 8-1/2 x 11. $29.95.

PCGS ranked this as the finest collection of Morgan Dollars. But this is not a VAM book. Each of these wonderful coins is just an example of an issue - but the highest known grade, including those that are Deep Mirror Prooflike (DMPL). Looking at the numbers on each page, it is astounding how rare certified coins are. 5 million... 8 million... 11 million struck, but only a few thousand certified; and of those only a few hundred are of the highest grades.

Of course, there is more to numismatics than grading. This book provides an insightful - sometimes quirky - history of the Morgan Dollar, placing it in its cultural context. Knowledgeable collectors will identify the goddess on the obverse as Anna Williams of Philadelphia. Perhaps not, says Standish, citing a Coin World article from 2002 that revealed a letter from George Morgan denying that any one model served for Miss Liberty.

This book also delivers an in-depth analysis of pricing as cited in the Red Book.



Level 6

Looks good! You can never have too many books in one's library. Thanks for the review!


Level 5

It is good to have access to these blogs as daily distractions had removed this from memory.


Level 7

Look's like a good book. Since ill never hit the lottery. I'm ten coins away from a yearly set .Do have some years about six of coins from every mint. The highest grade is a ms66! Don't get excited it's not a key date but it is beautiful. No bag mark's! Plenty of luster itt glows. So I said when I hit the power ball,then I'll buy a couple of key date's. Who said you can't dream.


Level 5

seemslike a good book


Level 3

I would second World_Coin_Nut- not a collector myself but would like to check this book out given the chance. Thanks for uploading

Kid Morgans

Level 4

I obviously am obsessed with morgan dollars, so if this book is still on sale,can you tell me where I can buy it, because surprisingly enough, I don't have a catalog reference to morgan dollars, and I'd just love this book!


Level 5

It sounds like a good reference book for Morgan dollar collectors and a good read even for those not specifically collecting Morgans! Thanks.


Level 6

I've been thinking about getting this book. Looks like a good one. Thanks for the review!


Level 5

I'm not a Morgan collector but I would still like to read this.

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