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02 Dec 2021

Sharing our information.

Coins | Mike

Hope everyone is well. When I arrived here a few years ago I was told that we share our information about coins. What happened? We share to learn. I have learned something at least once a week because someone writes about a coin. That doesn't happen anymore. I wrote a blog yesterday. It was about Pearl Harbour.and a picture of two coins. Also the history that happened that brought those coins to be made. I know they don't teach this history in school anymore. That's the loss for the younger crowd. But it took me ten days to write that so you would know. . It's in honor of the people lost. The heros.The coins.. By not commenting and reading it you stopped the purpose of learning. So you write and never comment. Why bother. . The main purpose is to share information. Some of you might of lost a grandfather at Pearl. Or a relative. It's our history. I don't write every day. Not even every week. I write when I can. Some write two a day. Why. ? What is the purpose of that. I have very serious health problems. I can't see what I'm writing sometime. But I want to share and learn. Imagine I still learn after 29 years. This was a great site. But has gone down hill. All the tricks. We know what some people do. We have been around along time. It's very sad in a way. I hate to see people not learn about our coins and history. They go together. Every coin tells a story. Some cut and paste. Sad. No one buys books anymore on the coins they collect. I learned buy the book before the coin. Research is important. Those who write a short blog and doesn't read or comment on others I will not comment on. We have friends . Or so called friends. I try and thank everyone who comments on one of my blogs. This is the first time in a long time I have written my opinion. That's all it is. You can disagree that's ok. We don't agree on everything . How boring would that be.. We can make this site great again. Check out N.G.C. journals. Wow. That's writing. I wrote there also but chose this site. Because it was great. Please do not take anything I said personally. It's not meant that way. It's all about the site and sharing. This is a two way street. We help each other. We learn from each other. If you think you know everything about coins. Try stamps. Because there are trillions of coins in this world. I want to learn. How about you. I was published in a magizine. I didn't write about it. I even got the cover.Why because I learned everything I could about Conder Tokens. My name is on the label. You can be published if you read about coins and read blogs on coins. And study them. That's it for me. Like I said I want this site to be great again. That's all. One to learn. That's all. I want to write. That's all. So stay well be safe. Mike.

01 Dec 2021


Coins | Mike

Hi! I hope all is well. The attack on Pearl Harbour just didn't happen. The Emperor of Japan didn't wake up in the sixth of December and decide to attack Pearl. This sneak attack was planned a full year before. Now We had received notice of an impending attack. It was misplaced. . The American Ambassador was negotiating with the Ambassadors of the Empire of Japan. .Both parties knew in advance these talks would breakdown.. During this time Admiral Isoroku Fleet,had sailed under Admiral Yamamoto.. He sailed with six aircraft carriers and 24 support ships.When they left there destination in the Pacific out of our range but there planes in range they were ready to attack a neutral country during the war. .The Japanese attacked Pearl in Honolulu Oahu. This operation was called A.L. Now the planes attacked 353 aircraft including 2 fighters,and dive bombers and torpedo planes.They attacked in two waves. Pearl was devastated 8 battleships all damaged 4 sunk and a total of 3,435 lives. Also light cruisers 4 miscellaneous ships and 188 planes. ...The Arizona was sunk. What is not widely known is13 sets of brothers died on that ship with there shipmates.Now Pearl is only 45 feet deep. You can see the Arizona in whole from the sky. It was made a memorial in honor of the 1,170 men lost. It was made a memorial on 5/30/1962. Built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and commissioned 10/17/1936. ...There were many hero's those who died and those who lived. One in particular stands out. Doris Miller. His shipmates called him Dori. He was a mess attendant second class. When the attack started he made his way to the bridge. Got behind an anti aircraft gun and started shooting. He took down a few planes. His captain of the Battleship West Virginia also was taken care of as was some other wounded was taken to safety by Miller.. He never had any training on that gun. ....Admiral Nimitz awarded Miller the the Navy Cross. He was transferred to the Liscome Bay an escort air craft carrier. It was torpedo in the Gilbert Islands and he was killed.. He was also honored in the movie Tora Tora ,Tora. And a coin was issued with him at the anti aircraft's gun.. Now a Frigate the U.S.S. Miller was commissioned on 6/30/1963. But the best is yet to come. The Navy Department released a press statement saying that an Aircraft Carrier is being built now as this is being written and will be named in his honor. The first Black American ever. This is truly an Honor. I look forward to the day when this mighty aircraft carrier takes to the seas. It will have so much updated new technology. And will be the largest in our fleet. We are all proud of those who lived and died that day including civilans. And also a great brave man who died so young defending our country. Like any other sailor! I hope you enjoyed this..The picture below of a Japanese bomber release g a bomb on Pearl was taken from Japanese archives of that day enlarge them. I like the Arizona Memorial. A drop of oil comes to the surface They say it's from the souls of those who lost their lives. I believe this. Thanks Mike.!

20 Nov 2021

What is a Historic Set?

Coins | Mike

Hi. Hope everyone is doing well. This will be a short blog not my style but it has allot to say. The Mint produced a set this year. A reverse proof Designer set. So it's a double reverse proof set. Why is this set Historic? Well it has a reverse proof with a type one eagle,and a type two reverse proof eagle. Two eagles The mint charges 175.00. The mintage was 175,000. Not enough by my standards. But I called it historic. . It is. You see by law they cannot make this set again for another 25 years. That's right. They would have to change the type two eagle in order to make another set like this.. Yes I bought it. The main reason is the one we buy coins. The set caught my eyes. It was beautiful. I got lucky and got to the order page. When I received it I had to check it over. Why?. The packaging was worth about three cents on a dollar. Cheep. I wanted to make sure there was no damage. The shippers throw these boxes into the trucks. The box bends very easy. Years ago they came in a hard box and inside that a plastic box. The coins were covered with a dark blue cushion. The coins sat in a deep well you pressed the middle they stood up for display Back to the set. I sent them into N.G.C. I would not be truthful if I didn't think of value. I did. But to protect these coins as I always say is my main concern.. I doubt that I will be around another 25 years. The main reason besides there beauty. Now to protect. N.G.C sent an email yesterday saying they have no more scratch proof holders. They will not have them for another nine months. They will reimburse everyone that has coins there now for the charge of five dollars.. That's o.k. with me. I own metal made boxes with foam inside. There will not be scratched on the holders I receive. The yns should try and pick this set up. Yes they sell around 200.00 + dollars. That will come down and you will be around for the next reverse proof set. You will own two historic sets. Think about that. Most of us "older" people will not have this great opportunity. It would make a great Christmas gift. Those graded 70 are selling for close to 800.00 and sometimes more. If you get a 69 you still make a profit. I was happy I was lucky to get this set. A modern set that will last the ages. The first time ever done. And will not be done again for 25 years. The mint plays games. I'm waiting to hear about the enhanced reverse proof set. So Those who got them Congradulations. The rest can still buy them but for fifty dollars over cost on some. It's what collecting is all about . History. This set is exactly that. Modern History. Thanks for reading this. Be well and stay safe. Mike

31 Oct 2021

The New Morgan's and Peace Dollars 2021

Coins | Mike

Well I hope everyone is ok.. I'm writing this about the special coins made by the mint this year. I said coins because there not commens. There not Medals. They are U.S. coins. I'm not a big Morgan Dollar fan but when I heard about these I set up a budget right away. When I received the first one in the mail there was a thought in my mind that I was at a table playing poker and throwing these up to place a bet. It was remarkable. These I can't believe the luster and not a bag marks for miles. I also ordered the Peace dollars they come next week. I can only imagine what beauty they bring. . I was lucky to get a chance to order these. It's all luck. There is no talent needed to get these. I signed on received some messages but I did get my orders. I never thought the mint could pull this of . Your talking over a million coins and mailing them. The one bad thing is the packaging. It's terrible. Cheap cardboard. I was lucky again they held up. To see a coin the way George T. Morgan ment them to be seen is breathtaking. I expected chaos based on the mints history. Yes I received messages but I just signed on again and the order process was smooth. Just like a regular coin. So some of the problems were gone. Many people are looking at these as.a continuation of the set . The rest of the order the Peace Dollars will be here Tuesday. I would be happy with a MS 69. I didn't buy the for value. Most of you know I do not sell my coins. They will be left for my boys. What can you say about a perfect Morgan. I believe he's looking down and is very pleased the hobby loved his hard work. To think the Barbers wanted nothing to do with him. There was no love lost. Morgan worked in his apartment for 80.00 dollars a week. Back then it was allot of money.. There is nothing else to say about these coin they speak for themselves. I will enjoy them for a very long time. I hope you enjoyed this short read of some wonderful coins. You all be safe and stay well. Thanks Mike.

26 Oct 2021

Two Forgotten Nickels

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. I'm sorry I have slowed down. It will pick up soon. Today's blog is about two Jefferson Nickels. How many coins have value in that set. Well I will mention one I will not be writing about. The 1941 D over horizontal D. You can pick that up for 10,000. But today I will be writing about the 1994 P and the 1997. So what is so famous about these.? Well the 1994 came in a set the mint made. It was called the Thomas Jefferson Coinage and Currency set. They put this i n with a two dollar note I believe it's a star note very low serial number. It has a Matte finish. That's why you get the beautiful hue around it. Now they made 167,703 of these. It also came with a silver dollar. Now the price of this set when it first came out was 34.50. So that's a very low mintage and a very low price. The nickel when you consider the millions and millions made everyday is a very small mintage. They put the nickel in with the mintage of Philadelphia that year. Be sure that's were it as made so you have the entire mintage. So unless you in a about this set you would never know about this great nickel. All three pieces go for a nice price. But I bought this for the set. It tells the story of Jefferson. It's informative and has three nice items. No you won't get rich but you will make allot more than a nickel!

04 Oct 2021

Easy Way To Get Your Proof Set Graded!!

Coins | Mike

Hi well I hope your all ok. The Pictures are up!!Thanks Pete. Well this is a simple but interesting blog. Every year the mint comes out with there sets. Proof and others. .I noticed a company was selling these. One big thing different. They graded in the lens!!! Yes they were more money but easier than sending them to N.G.C.. Now if you look at the pictures you will see the lenses are sealed with silver tape. The lens has a sticker on telling you they are Gem . Now to send that in would cost allot more than sending them in coin by coin. Even the box has the N.G.C. label. It says N.G C. On the lens. . Sealed on the sides and top. Now I don't remember how much these cost.. I bought this set. I thought it was something different and allot simpler. The company sends them in and sells them to us. It's a great to store your coins and have them graded at the same time. I did buy this for one year and I saw one this year so I guess they still do it. Gem Brilliant usually means M.S.65. Could you get a hgher grade.yes you can. But packaging them paying for each coin and my all the fees this seemed like something that would catch on. Like I said I did see a company selling them this year. It up to you.I bought this set on a whim. . Only one year. I have books these coins to in. So I wasn't going to buy two sets a year. I thought I would show these to you. There are company's thinking outside the box. Either way they will be more money. But they have to be cheaper sending them in. You also would be a to be happy with a Gem Brilliant. Think about it let me know what you think.

24 Sep 2021

The Presidential Coin And Chronicles Sets

Coins | Mike

Well my friends there are gremlins in my pictures on this site. So we will go without them. I know many of you have never heard of these.. I believe there the nicest most educational sets the mint ever made.I will give the year the mintage of each set. 2006 Benjamin Franklin 50,000 2009 Lincoln 50,000. 2013 F Roosevelt 19,500 2014 T Roosevelt 15,120 2015 Truman. 16,812 2015 Eisenhower 16,744 2015Kennedy 49,051 2015Johnson 23,095 2016 Reagan 50,000 2021 G.H. Bush 35,000. Now these sets came with a medal the Presidential coin a bronze of the wife and stamps. They also had booklets that went from 20 to 40 pages.. I had been collecting these when no one else was. I know Franklin was not a President but it was the 300 anniversary of his birth. I would love to show you the coin in that set. Everything was going well. Till Truman. The mint decided to play there games. They made his Presidential Coin a reverse proof. Sold out in 12 minutes not 15.Now the regular collectors had to go to the secondary market. That set still sells for 300.00 or more. I was watching R. Tomaska and he said do not break up these sets. Well the sellers on ebay did that. I had pictures from eBay to show you some of the prices. Truman was sold by the mint for 57. 00. After that they went up. They also have stamps in most of them. These were done with something the mint never did before. Class. If I was to tell you one man on ebay is selling four sets for 7,900 would you believe me another selling five sets for 800.00? Check ebay. I mean there was nothing better than looking at the coins and reading about the President. The Reagan set has a silver eagle in it. Most a medal of the President. But these sets were not about coins. It was in a way but education is what they were shooting for. I am asking you to go to eBay and check them out. Some are 60.00 others like I said hundreds. And they sold for 57.00 in the beginning. And they say nothing goes up only dow n. ..I enjoy this series very much. It kills me I can't post pictures. . When the A.N.A. opens I will call and get this problem fixed. But please take a look at these. You will we what I'm talking about. Thanks for the read.Mike. ...P.S. Due to a medical problem I had to cut this short. But I will not give up. We are here to share!! To access ebay put coin and Chronicles sets.

23 Aug 2021

St.Michael's Church D&H 38a Coventry Penny

Tokens | Mike

Well I could write pages on this church and the token. But I will keep it short. It is one of the most sought after tokens in the Conder series. It speaks for it's self. It's absolutely beautiful . It was built in the 14th &15th century. I could not find an architect associated with this wonderful church.The token is 28.3 grams and 36.0 mm. It's big and heavy. I will say it now. It is very under graded. Only NGC knows. This token was made for collectors. And for buying goods. It is a Penny! What I found is back in the 11th century a stone was put on the site and a church was built there called St. Mary's Priory.That church grew in stature and in status with funding from the medieval guilds. Chapels we're incorporated into the main fabric of the church. Soon St. Michael's had11 alters and seven chapels. The Chancel is a space around the alter. Sometimes it included the choir and sanctuary. This token was done by a great die sinker. Thomas Wyon. He made many wonderful pieces. As a matter of fact Wyon and Kempson teamed up on many projects. I can't imagine how long it took to make the die for this token. Just the detail . His son's also were die sinker. Even though this is a Coventry token it was left out of the set because it's a penny. The set is all half penny's. Wyon etched his name on the obverse and reverse you can only see It with a loop. It was built in the gothic style. It's spire was the tallest of all. Close to 300 feet. After a while it was the third tallest. This wonderful church soon became a Cathedral in 1918 it would still be standing. But Hitler kept on bombing the churches. St. Michael's was destroyed in the blitz on November 14,1940. They destroyed 600 buildings and killed 500 people. The picture below with Churchill the Bishop of Coventry and the Mayor was taken not to long after the blitz. They said he had a tear in his eye. ....A architect by the name of Basil Urwin Spence. Was asked to rebuild St. Michaels. He decided to build it right next to the ruins. The ruins will never come down. They want it to remind them of the destruction of war. This was in 1956 to 1962. ..Now like I said there is so much on this beautiful church I could write more. But please enlarge the pictures. This token took years to find. It's a rarity one. The D&H 38 Coventry is a triple rairty. It has edge writing saying Coventry token.They did not make many of each one. I have been looking on and of for years. Now it's home were it belongs. Hope you enjoyed the readers digest verson. Thanks. Mike. P.S. THE STAINED GLASS THAT THEY FOUND THEY PRESERVED. IT WAS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF THE TIME!!

15 Aug 2021

Problems.With the Mint

Collecting Tips | Mike

Well the problem with the mint it did not start with the sale of the Morgan Dollar. It started years ago. Years when some of you have not been here.. We have a saying buy what you like. I have done that with the mint simply because I only buy the sets for my books. I had been collecting a wonderful set called The Presidential Coin and chronicles set. This set stared with Benjamin Franklin. I know he want President . . Then Abraham Lincoln. These sets were great. Till the mint made one of Truman with a reverse proof coin. ..What happened they lowered the mintage to 17,500.and made one of than Coins a reverse proof. These sets were not selling out. Till the mint pulled that trick. it was gone in 12 minutes. People.who never even knew of the set wanted this. So it became the man made rarity. The problem I believe started there. The Mint could sell out there products fast . It continues from then. There were more the 2016 Congradulations set mintage 5000. It still calls for high prices today. Then came the emergency sets.This I will never understand. They had another mint and make 250,000. What I would like to know how come there are still for.sale.? Then during the American Eagle set came rare Eagles.please give me a break. I know covid had allot to do with the emergency sets. But I get the feeling more were made than what they said. Now they can't be trusted. I believe Ryder has created his last mess. How about all those sets for kids were did they go? Well one set had a "problem" and the adults bought them. ? Really were that dumb. Don't forget the famous letter the one that said the above ground silver is low. If that was true silver would be 100 a ounce. Letter sent by Ryder! .Now I have mentioned just a few . Forget the bullion gold one tenth ounce. The mintage were nuts and still are. So what is the problem. For one people had programmed there computers to order getting many more than allowed. I had two bots ordering I am not a robot. Ten percent to the 18 bulk buyers.. That's nothing. . If the mintage is five thousand thats five hundred.. Five hundred we won't see. So to sum it up my friend Mokie put it very simple. You make these special coins make five hundred thousand. Get rid of bulk buyers all 18 of them. That stops the high prices in the secondary market. All this said more people were able to get there coins then ever before. But what about the San Francisco proof. 200,000 mintage . Sold out in 15 minutes. I got mine at 12: 13. No one said a word about that. And it was the next day. The fix was in !! Your absolutely right. They went back to there old tricks. Buy what you need for your sets and books they don't sell out. But I think the mint has been caught . Ryder will have to answer allot of questions before congress! I did not list all the mints tricks there are to many. I noticed the two and a half ounce medal is still for sale for160.00. How many do you want?

27 Jul 2021

More Conder Tokens

Tokens | Mike

Hi. Yes this will be a short blog on some of the buildings on Kempson tokens. The ones I chose today are a few of the buildings still standing from the time they were built. Some are so good it looks like Kempson took a picture of them.. The best part is the years these buildings were put up. I'm not talking 1797. Some of these were built in the 1300's the 1500's. and so on. Just think of that for a moment. The English were excellent record keepers so the dates were not just put on these. You can say some went over rehabilitation but the original face of the structure is the same. Now Kempson almost seems like he knew these would still be around for hundreds of years even some of the gates that protected the city still stand. They are beautiful works architecture. The wall that encircled the city parts still stand. Doing research I said I wonder if some of these are still standinng. I went to work and i was surprised. St.John's church later became St.John's High School. I wrote a journal of these at N.G.C. A few days later I get a message from a fellow collector . He said I went to St John's school there I grew up in Coventry.. Small world. I asked him if he or if he knew of others that lived there if they had any of these tokens. He said none. Passed down from his family he was told they used them. Now I bet if I continued I will find more. This is something I thought of after the set was finished. The other tokens I collect many are still standing. Not just Kempson but others. Cathedrals ,government buildings. If you check Kempson other set of building of London many still stand. Some were destroyed in WW. 11. Hitler had an obsession with Coventry. He bombed it a lot. One famous Cathedral. St. Paul's he wanted destroyed. He felt it be could level this Cathedral it would take the resolve from the people and he could take England. He sent over 200 bombers and St.Paul's still stands. The people stayed inside and put out the fires. It was built if I remember by Wren. It's in the heart of London. One thing NGC graded many Red Brown the token below it looks like the lights are on!! St.Marys Sorry I got it the topic. That's ok the two are connected. St. John's token and picture like I said look so much alike. The same with Bablake and St. Mary's Hall. St. Mary's is used as a catering hall today and ceremonies. If you look at the token and the picture there is a wonderful likeness. . I will end this short blog on these wonder tokens and buildings. I hope.you see the talent of this man. We need people like this working today the old way. The way commens were done and older.coins. No lasers here.!!Be well be safe!!


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