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25 Jan 2023

Have You Ever Heard Of The Silk Road?

Exonumia | Mike

Hi everyone hope all is well? The silk road was not one road but roads connected to each other from China to the Roman Empire.Now this road was over 7000 miles though one country to another over mountains. That's bigger than the U.S. witch is 3000 miles so its double our country !

17 Jan 2023

1876 - Dated J-CM-11 AE58 mm Bown 64

Medals | Mike

Hi everyone. Well this is the third attempt to put this blog up. It gets frustrating so I tried a message and it stayed. Lets see. ..Eric Newman a great collector writer and just about anything else you can add was a great man. He once said "I do not collect medals they have no monetary value." Well he missed this one!! .....First the label.1876 year it was made. J-CM-11 AE 58mm . Now I found most of it. The J stands for R.W Julian. He wrote a book called Medals of the United States Mint 1792-1892. The CM. stands for Commemorative Medal the 11 is a guess that its listed as number 11 or on page 11? Its also 2/4 in diameter. ..The obverse reads in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of American Independence act of congress1874. The reverse reads 1776 these colonies are free and of right ought to be free and Independent states! ...Now they made 7000 of this medal bronze,2100 of copper and 583 of white medal. They came in sets and sold for 11.00 There is one known made of gold. The fourth medal was gilt metal. ..The obverse has Lady Liberty placing wreaths on two figures. One stood for industry and the other art. The reverse has Lady Liberty holding a sword in her right hand. And her left arm reaching towards the 13 stars. ...The medal was designed by William Barber. He hit a home run with this one. Its historic and beautiful. The first Mono rail was shown here! This what we would call a worlds fair today was very big. It was on 3,136 acres. Held in Philadelphia. Countries from all over the world would have A tent or a building to show that newest inventions. It was visited by tens of thousands of people. ..As soon as I saw it at an auction I knew I had go have it. I knew nothing about it but I could tell of its beauty and meaning . So I placed a bid and woke up a winner. One bid. I don't know how people passed this by. There are only 24 higher in this grade. So again I was lucky. Coin collecting can be lucky. Sometimes its like playing the market. .I hope you enjoyed this blog. If its doesn't take I give up!

09 Jan 2023

No More Points As Of Today January 9 ,2023

Coins | Mike

Hi every one. Well we asked and the ANA agreed that we collect coins not points.This to me is an historic day. For years points were causing bad blogs and contest. That's how we were ranked. No more . As I said in that blog we are all equal. No one is first or second. This did not happen overnight. The A.N.A. had there reason for them. And take my word it probably worked great in the beginning. It was to get collectors to get active and participate. To write blogs and add to there collections. After a while this changed. A person was following over 6500 other collectors I did not make that up. I will not put his number here. The abuse had started.Some complaints were filed. But they still believed in it. Then at some point no pun intended that changed. It was no longer a site of blogs but a site of who's first. I had called the A.N.A and discussed it with a friend. He agreed but at that time years ago it wasn't going to happen. This game of catch me if you can started a series of low quality blogs. Wrong information and people stopped writing them. Abuse of the site was starting. And the site was on the wrong road. Now that's all behind us and I want to thank the A.NA for there cooperation!. It was great that we could voice our opinion and they would listen. Im thrilled that's its over. Now I hope those who left because of the point game come back and share there knowledge of this great hobby! I myself will start writing again. Its been a while for me and I have been eager to get back to one or two a week. I think that would be a good number. One a week with all the active bloggers would be great.Better quality blogs and more than that learning again. Im still learning after thirty years. I enjoy reading them and the comments. So today we start a new site. One were all are equal! We are collector's with a passion for this hobby. Lets make it the best site. One the A.N.A and us can be proud of!! Again I thank all of us who voiced our opinion. And again thank the A.N.A for working with us. There is no better place!. Good luck to all!!Mike

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