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23 Feb 2023

Maundy Money April 7th 2023

Coins | Mike

Hi everone. Today around the world is known as Holy Thursday April 7th 2023. The day when the Christ had the last supper and then washed the feet of the disciples. It was an act of humility. The Christ washing the feet was such a wonderful act of love. Obviously there is allot to this but this is a blog. To help you learn to do research on the subject.

13 Feb 2023

The West Point Mint Mystery!

Exonumia | Mike

High everyone hope all is well. How many of you own cents made from the West Point Mint? Probably all of us. If you look at the pictures below they look like a warehouse. Well that's true. It started out as a storage house for gold bullion back in 1938. .Now I asked you how many own or have West Point Cents. Probably all of us. The U.S. mint needed help so in 1973 it started making cents!. It was not an official mint of the U.S. yet.It also made quarters. These coins have no mint mark on them. Think of what they would be worth. These coins were shipped to the Philadelphia mint they had no mint marks. Starting in 1976 they started making Bi - Centennial quarters. These coins were wanted by the public. 1980 it started making Gold Medals. Now take a minute to think of all this coinage being made by a mint that was not yet an official mint of the United States. I was going through some cents from the era. I noticed the rims were higher. Could these be West Point cents. I don't know. But I wish I could tell. It wasn't till 1988 the West Point mint became an official mint of the United States. I find this absolutely fascinating that business strikes came from a mint that was a bullion storage facility. The public had no idea and the sad part is we will never know what coins were made were. After becoming a Mint of the U.S mint marks began to show on different coins. And did the public like that. Proof coins, Eagles special sets. It has become a mint that coins are wanted from. So next time you go through your cent books think how many are made at West Point. I believe these strikes would be sought after for years.I always wondered if we could test the metal make up of these mystery coins. Yes I believe they would be worth big money but the Treasury Department pulled one on us. They knew they would be made big money. Once they got to Philadelphia that was it. The mint now had the coins they needed so they made it an official mint in 1988. That's allot of coins they made and we didn't have a clue. I hope you enjoyed this .mystery in making coinage!!.Its like a treasure hunt . Find one!!Enjoy!

08 Feb 2023

The Reverse of a the Statue of Liberty Commemorative 1965.

Medals | Mike

Hi everyone hope all is well. I picked up this medal many years back. I wasn't looking into them but this one was special. Not only does it honor the Statue of Liberty but the reverse honors the Federal Hall National Memorial! Don't stop there That's when New York was Named the Capitol of the U.S.!! Now there is one more thing on this medal it honors the building were Gen. George Washington gave his Inauguration speech as President!! How much more do you need on a medal. I think it was done very well. Now the Spanish and the French were constantly fighting with each other. Sending explorer's to the east coast of the new world. But the Dutch snuck in their also. But first Giovanni da Verrazzano sailing for the French discovered the land called New York today in 1524. Soon to be claimed by the Dutch first land claim in 1609. It seems everyone was looking for N.Y. It gets better. The next explorer was a navigator named Henry Hudson . Lets go back for a small mistake in history. New York built the Longest Expansion bridge in the world at the time and named it after Mr. Verrazzano. Beautiful bridge. This was starred in the 1960's. Here we go it was opened for more than fifty years when someone noticed they spelt his name wrong!!! All the big signs and the little ones wrong. Only in N.Y. Gov. Cuomo had it changed! Cost a ton of money. It connects Brooklyn to Staten Island.. Sorry I had to get that in. Now the Dutch named it New Amsterdam. Now in 1653 it came under British rule. In 1664 it was named New York after king Charles 11 of England granted all the land to his brother the Duke of York. Now you can't be sure I left someone outl it became the 11 State in 7/26/1788. There is one more. Peter Minuit bought it from the Indians in1626 for 24 dollars in fur and other items not trinkets. He named it New Amsterdam One other date I came across Lincoln was not the first to want an end to slavery. It was Benjamin Franklin on February,3,1790. Just had to add that I thought it was interesting! So if you can make all this out your doing better than I am. Please tap on the medal you can see everything it honors! I think I paid 10.00. But it had so much history I just had to have it. Take care stay well.

02 Feb 2023

Gold The New Counterfeit

Coins | Mike

Hi this is my second try on this blog or warning. I hope you all are doing well.As the title says there is a big push in fake gold. Not certified not from our mint or other mints. Im talking about affordable gold like below. .....Now I think these are great. They sell from one gram to one ounce and more. I wanted to buy a round coin from our mint. If I did that pay 2,500 dollars my buying power for the rest of the year would not be good. ....So I looked these up. I can buy a five ounce or ten ounce when I want. When I have a few extra dollars I can buy more. I looked the packaging and the company PAMP. A Swiss company known for there gold. ....But I also read about the counterfeiting. Its going on with PAMP and all the other bars. You cannot tell a fake from a real one. I don't care how good you are. They weigh the same. The packaging is identical. Even the front drawing Well PAMP jumped on this right away. The have a phone app. Every piece of gold has what they call a fingerprint. Something you can't see. One way of telling it may be fake the fake bar is thicker. The app does all six sides. Can't tell by the drawing. Packaging, not even the weight. You need an iPhone for this app. Other companies are coming up with them. PAMP came out in April. And it works great. There is a video on You tube just put in Veriscan they come up. They show the fakes from the real. The color is exactly the same. Now I was looking to buy gold but $2500 and taxes with prices going up I buy one coin and that's most of my budget. These you buy whenever you have some extra money.From one gram and up to an ounce. Other companies are trying to get a phone app. I always liked PAMP. So when I read About this I wasn't buying anyone's bars. Then I found the phone app. Its great. Even stores the cert number if your going to sell. Put two bars next to each other you can't tell you would be guessing. And you don't have to send it away. You check it from your house. Now I'm happy I can pick up some gold when I have some extra money. And to sell it is easy. You and the buyer have piece of mind. Veriscan is the name of the app. Im glad I read about it before I bought. So when you have some extra money. Buy from a known company not ebay. And own some gold. No more worrying. Take care and be safe. By the way there worth the same price as regular gold. You buy five grams you can buy 10 grams even 20 ounces. And its safe. I won't have that kind of money but it builds up so fast you will own your own ounce!.

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