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25 Apr 2022

My Two Cents!!!

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. Its been a while. So I chose my two cent piece. The first coin is a pattern coin enlarge it you can see the obverse and reverse. The second is the coin used. If you notice the reverse of both coins are the same! They decided to keep that. The two cent piece showed up in 1864 and had a short run till1873. Why? The coin looked good so good its looked for today. Then why? Well the nickel showed up and the people liked that better. Imagine the people stopped the use of the coin! It was designed by James Longacre. Basically known for the first American coin to say "In God We Trust". Collectors have not given up on this one coin. They still look for them today. It was made of 90% copper and 5% tin and zink. The diameter is 23 mm and weighs 96 grms. The 1864 had a small motto. The Large motto has been found in that year and the years after.

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