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29 Nov 2022

Beware of These Morgan's And Peace Dollars!!

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Hello my friends. This is a warning about so called Morgan's and Peace dollars.The quailty of the pictures is bad.They were taken of the t.v.the show is C.S.N. The seller is Mike Muzak.. This man knew that the U.S. mint could not make these coins in 2022. This was due to lack of silver.

He went to Fiji and had these so called dollars made in reverse proof. Now his first showing he said they will be gone by the end of the show. They made 5000 sets and 3500 sets from all the mints.. That was two months ago. He constantly states that our mint can not make these that these will be better than the sets coming out in 2023.
P.C.G.S. refused to grade them. N.G.C a few. A.N.A.C.S. graded them all. So far not one 69!!! How did that happen. I'm sure there are some. Now collector's have bought them.I bet when they get them home they send them back. No were even though he said they are exact and experts say there better than our mint can make. Nowhere on these so called coins is the wording UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. not one coin not on reverse or obverse
What you do see is FIJI and on the reverse the seal of FIJI. Now he claimed these are legal tender. Not by a long shot!. I sent an email telling him to look up the law on legal tender. He hasn't mentioned it again. These are cheap . The six coin set is 1150.00. Now like I said collector's bought these. They will not find them in the Red Book.

Now I record the show he is on at 4:00am. Saturday and Sunday. It ends at 7: a.m. I have asked the mint to cut his allotment on any coin they can.This man thinks were all idiots. And those who bought them. Im sorry but he got you. E- Pluribus- Unium are on the coins and Liberty but that's it. Don't let anyone try and sell you these coins . Yes they will sell out. In 2029.!! He shouldn't be allowed to pass these of with our mint marks when they are clearly FIJI coins. Nothing to do with this country. Im glad P.C.G.S and N.G.C. did not grade these. He shows two from N.G.C. they started and stopped.

People who buy on impulse took a hit with this coin. I have asked Mr..Muzak to melt them.. So please be careful. He bought every coin so you don't see them anywhere. Thank God. Imagine selling a coin as an American coin and not have that on the coin. There are no ordinary Morgan or Peace dollars. Just the reverse proofs which we will have next year. So buyer beware. I wish someone else would watch this show. D.V.R. it so you don't have to get up!! Take care! He will not show the reverse on his site!! He sells them on H.S.N. also!

They hit a new low. They painted Santa's hat on The Morgan's head. 149.95. Do you know what a reverse proof looks like with color disgraceful! A new low in this hobby.

Well guess what somehow he has more than the 3500 sets he had. He sold them raw two coins for 199.00.Now he has the six coin set of Fiji dollars.Those who got stuck are selling them on eBay for a 1000.00 dollars for the two coin set. They must feel bad They got taken!

It even has Fiji on the label!!



Level 4

When his lips are moving, he is not telling the truth I have found from years of him on one of the shopping channels.


Level 6

I tell novice, never buy froma TV show.


Level 7

As much as I like writing blogs the doctors therapy to keep my brain active is to much. . I will have to make them shorter. That stops the history I don't like to leave things out. I have been writing blogs to long the right way.. But its for my health. I don't know what to do.

Fiji on an American coin… wow


Level 7

Not an American coin

Doug S.

Level 4

Crazy stuff. Deceitful to say the least, and at a ludicrous price! Regards Doug


Level 5

That is just terrible what he is trying to do to collectors.


Level 6

That's crazy! Buyer beware... Thanks for the information Mike! ; )


Level 6

I agree he is trying to trick people into buying them but if it says Fiji on the label I don't believe he is doing anything illegal. It really is a shame that these guys do this. The world is full of crooks. The reverse of these coins has a huge FIJI emblem on them. I have to admit he is good at screwing people. Thanks for the heads up Mike.


Level 7

What he's doing is trying to convince these coins are American even though it doesn't say that anywhere on the coin. It says FIJI on the reverse and has its seal of Fiji on the coin and label. He stopped saying that were legal tender . And he claims these are exact. Sorry not close.


Level 5

I searched and found the reverse on a web site. Interesting coins.

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