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19 Feb 2016


Coins-United States | Mike

Hi everyone! I was wondering how many collectors buy there coin's from catalogues or magazine's? I have. Sometimes I was lucky sometimes I was burnt. Well that's how we learn. Some you keep other's just through out. What happens to the collector that lives were there are no coin store's. I'm one. You adapt. There are show's on cable,dish just about everywhere you live. There are about fifteen million collector's. We need magazines and catalogues. You learn by trial and error. They all say they have the best price for the best coin. Rubbish. Make sure they have a return policy. It's usually fourteen day's. If they say four to seven I would worry about them. That fact is where else can we buy quality coin's. Well there is the internet. Be careful there to. The bottom line is those of use who live in area's where there are no coin store's have only these options. The good thing is you will find the good show's, the good magazine's and remember your the boss. That's wright you buy them with your money. You don't like what the send you ,send it back. You can collect coin's this way. Sorry I forgot auction house's. Also very good ,but you won't win every auction. So take your time look into these option's, ask other collector's about different places and go on with your hobby. I could recommend some place's but I can't do that. There will be many place's that will win your trust. I hope you find them. Just be careful and you will be alright. Thanks.mike


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

I figure if it is a coin being sold in a magazine it might not hold the highest of numismatic value. I buy from online auction houses, and some mail bid sales and auctions. The nearest coin shop to my town is over an hour and a half away, and usually closed. Next up you are going 2 and a half hours to find one. The ANA, or even a state run equivalent organization might be able to direct you to a trusted online dealer. Not an endorsement, but I fool around sometimes with coinsniper.com. Not affiliated with me at all, but it is a game of sorts, that you buy coins through. Great blog.


Level 5

Never bought through a catalog or magazine. Been lucky to live in an area rich with coin clubs and coin shows.


Level 5

All good points Mike. Until recently I lived in a coin desert. I typically won't buy a coin sight unseen. At least the on line sources have photos so you have some idea what you are getting.


Level 6

Hi Mike, Well written blog. The only thing I would add is that with auctions, one has to remember the buyers premium being charge by the auction house. I call it the vig. Some of the bigger places like Heritage charge 17.75%. It adds up fast. Thanks!!

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