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14 Jul 2020

Coin Break

Coins | Mike

Hi my friends. A few years ago I went through this ordeal. You can't find a coin that catches your eye and your not looking. The last time I consulted a friend on the site. He told me that all collectors go through this problem maybe a couple of times. You have blogs to write and share but you just don't bother. This is 27 year for me. I have gone through this just once before and it's happening again. . Some days you don't want to sign on. All of this is ok. I will come out of it just like one before. Remember we have lives outside of the hobby. This combined with continuing to handle your collection and balance your life is normal. . There is nothing wrong. I was told your brain is taking a break. From collecting. Mine the first time it lasted a month. That's not bad. Because you come back with a clearer understanding of your collecting. I'm about two weeks into this. I was told not to force it to come back. You will. I will. So if your going thru something like this let it run its course. You will get back. I will be back. I do answer questions people send me once in a while I read blogs. That's it. Your days of collecting are not over. When you do comeback it's with a clear head a new attitude and your back to normal. With the virus continuing it does add to it. No shows. Sometimes stores closed because people don't want to go out. All these things add up. Because I had this once before I noticed the same things happening to me. So I know what to do. Relax. Don't worry it will end and it gets better real fast. I'm hopping mine does. So if you have questions ask them. I'm still on the site but with no enthusiasm. It will be ok I will be back. So if you have gone through this. Don't worry. Relax. It's normal . It happens to all of us one time or another. Be strong this hobby believe it or not will help you come back. The last time I was just looking on ebay I saw a coin nothing big but I liked it . It was over. That was just a chance that i saw it but it worked for me. It can be anything that gets you back. You see this hobby is so great you never leave it . Your just taking a break. Take care and hang in there.. Mike



Level 4

Hi Mike, I am pretty new to this coin collecting thing. Started last year and started out meakly with odd denomination coins that didnt cost much. Learned how to price and research my purchases. Then bought more coins and much more expensive coins. My questions to you are...... I recently put together a set of circulation Franklins in MS 65 with the exception of a 49D. I have looked for months for an acceptable coin for my collection. All have been ugly or exorbitantly priced. I bought a 64 for filler. How long is the longest you have waited for the right coin for a set? How far above book is the most you have paid? I love the 2009 Life of Lincolns. My set is all NGC MS 67 and 69UC. I go to the NGC site and it says the collection is worth several hundred dollars(Updated two years ago), PCGS say several thousand, and Greysheet is all over the place. Who do I believe? Hope this gets you thinking and inspired. Ron


Level 6

We all go thru slow spells. Something might spark a new interest.

Long Beard

Level 5

I am fortunate to have not lost interest in my 46 years of collecting. Although only once taking a hit on adding to it in 2012 when I opened my motorcycle shop. It puts quite a strain on the finances starting out on your own.


Level 5

I know what you mean. Ups and downs for sure. For a while I was into medals, and now have slowed down. I have what I want, but look occasionally for something special. Breaks are good.


Level 5

I understand Mike. With the whole COVID thing, I am spending more time than ever with my collection and I think it has been an overload on my brain. A lot of us are spending more time than normal on our collections. We have to remind ourselves that this is supposed to be fun. When it isn't fun we have to take a step back and regroup.


Level 6

Hang in there Mike ; ) As we all agreed we all go through a slump from time to time. Especially now with the virus still out there. I really miss coin shows. There is one scheduled for Las Vegas in November which is about 3 good hours from me. Normally my "Numi" husband and I would make reservations to attend, but I'm still hesitant. We'll see how things are going a few months from now. Good thing we all have each other to lean on and talk to.


Level 6

Not a problem Mike. As everyone has written, we all go through it. I too am enjoying a small break now. I just feel the need to not me on my computer all day. Read something non coin related. No big deal. dave Bowers has written quite a bit about this. It happens and it will pass. You evident passion won't let it die. It's just on a holiday. Our brains need it, I think. So steady on and have fun elsewhere. This to will pass! You recognize it and that is the most important thing. Thanks.


Level 7

Very well said.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Hey we all need a change of pace now and then. Glad you see it for what it is and not worked up about it. Usually I'm hot and heavy into my collecting and surrounding activities from late fall until late spring. Then I go for the outside stuff. Golf, hiking, camping, cooking out, anything but being inside. This year is a different one for me, because I am in the ANA diploma program and doing my course work. Plus with all the restrictions in place, there is really nothing else to do but my weekly golf, hike and camp. An out of town vacation is out the window right now because you don't know where you will be able to stay and don't know what is open to do in another place. Maybe another of what I call wandering vacations where we get in the car and go, The rule is that you stay off interstates and try not to travel U.S. highways, and try to use state highways as much as possible. You only have a vague idea of where you are going and that is subject to change along the way. I saw a lot of Virginia I had never seen before that way last summer. Actually one of the more fun vacations I have had and ended up doing things that I never had seen before, like the Indian village tour of a 500 year old village reconstruction. The only way coins came into it was that I paid for everything with cash and kept all the change (as usual). Yes, variety is the spice of life. Some change up will do the soul good!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Mike in my 50 years of collecting, I have had numerous times when I barely focused on numismatics for not months but several years. I would still buy mint products and the very occasional mail order coin but I never visited local coin shops, never attended any coin club meetings, and concentrated on other hobbies like military helmets or Batman related ephemera. Since I retired, I have gone into coins at a breakneck speed and continue to expand my outlets for expression to include Instagram, Facebook, a couple of articles, active club participation, and research. It has all been wonderful but like Gary mentioned, this Covid thing has been tough and I miss the shows that have been cancelled this spring and summer. Hopefully our October show will go on but given the current state of Covid in Pennsylvania, I am having my doubts. Hang in there Mike, we will all get through our respective funks together.


Level 3

Mike, we understand. I know I will miss your insight while you are out. I am just glad that you recognize what is happening and that you know you will be OK and will come back. I was reading the article in the Numismatist magazine about a CoVid-19 coin that will be coming out. Have you heard about that? Anyways, take care of yourself and know that we are here to support you, so reach out if you need anything .


Level 5

Mike, I've been there, done that. It is quite normal. We can't keep going at a break-neck pace or we risk burning out which can lead to leaving the hobby. For me, this COVID thing has kind of got me in a funk. I am mostly homebound and getting bored with pretty much everything. My wife and I go for a 2-3 mile walk every day and that has been the most therapeutic thing we could do to break up the monotony. I have also found another writing outlet. I've been moonlighting writing blogs for my church. Anyone interested in my other writings can send me a personal message and I'll send the link. Numismatically speaking, I got more grading results in the hopper and another coin photography piece on toned coins followed by a question and answer blog to finish that series.

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