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06 Apr 2016


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Did you ever forget you owned a certain coin? One day your looking through your inventory and you see something that you forgot about? Well that happened to me. I'll keep this short. One of my friend's called me about ten year's ago and said for some reason his boss bought a large supply of  dimes from the Philippines he was a salesman from govmint. They were made out of silver very small and minted in Denver between 1941 and 1945. I said how much ? The price was extremy low. So I bought two rolls of ten. He told me the history. When Gen. McArthur left the Philippines he took all the money so the Japanese couldn't use it to by arm's and munition's. He dumped everything in the Pacific ocean. When he returned America had printed money to get there economy back on it's feet.
So when I received them I looked at them. Sure enough made in Denver. I noticed the first coin had a double mint mark. Not only that most of the lettering was also doubled. As a matter of fact the whole first roll was the same! I sent them into NGC they all came back ms 65 to 67. So I looked in my mega red book and there they were.priced at fifty  dollars a piece! I was over joyed. A lucky find. The book just arrived two day's ago. And payed off. Well I said I would keep in short there you have it. I will be trying very shortly to send pictures. It's been a long road but with the help of my friend's I'm almost there. No I did more research and found out so much more. So much I took pictures and the history in a later blog. I was shocked when I saw what they sold for in MS 67 the same grade I got back. When this was written nothing had been done with these coins. So if you see it read it. Thanks. Sometimes nothing can be worth a whole lot. Mike



Level 4

Whoooooo! Are they for sale?

You are very lucky Mike! I love foreign silver coinage!


Level 5

Great story to remember. Love coins that have interesting history!


Level 5

Just wondering, but did you get a discount from NGC for sending in so many coins? Also, refinding coins that you forgot you has is almost as exciting as looking at coins in a shop or at a coin show! Well done

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

I LOVE the Philippines. Mostly beautiful people in a place that is mostly paradise. I love the shared history America has with them, too.


Level 5

Good job Mike. I think a lot of people are collecting the Philippines coins because of our history with them. Thanks for taking the time to write.


Level 6

That is a good buy. The coins and the Mega Red. I do enjoy silver Philippines coins. Thanks for sharing..

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