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06 Oct 2022


Tokens | Mike

Hi everyone hope you all are well. This will be a short blog to explain the buildings and there tokens.

Now if you didn't read the first blog please read it so you get a better understanding of these beautiful tokens. Now the engravers back then had terrific talent. Now I only picked two tokens and the buildings they represent. I said that the engravers worked on every detail.

.....I have many more of buildings still standing the one St.Johns still is in use today .I wrote a journal about St. Johns and don't you know I received a response from someone who went there when it was a high school. Its a church again! Built in the 1300's. I stated that they were great architectures these are two examples. There are many many more.

The second one is Saint Mary's Hall. This building was used for reasons of public decisions. The stain glass are beautiful and most were that of the Mayors. Today its used as a catering hall and meeting place. Now look at the token and the detail the engraver put into it. How they did this with the tools they had then and made by a steam press is remarkable. Even the curve in the street!

...There will be more pictures of gates and buildings . The gates protected the city there was about 20 of them. In my research I found a sixth gate that survived. You can actually go in it. The guards actually lived in the gates. The wall was enormous it was twelve feet high a eight feet wide. I have pictures of parts still standing. They will be in future blogs.

So in these two tokens you can see what I talked about in the first blog. Basically they did a painting on copper. It was tremendously hard to get in all the details. But you can see the pride they took in there work. The others are the same. I find myself wondering how the buildings survived these centuries. Of course they were repaired when something needed it. But they kept to the original plans of the building. That alone is remarkable. I use these words allot but what else can I say about them.

...So enlarge the pictures and tokens. Sorry about the pictures they could be allot better. Thanks! More to come. Like I said I can't stop writing about these. I hope your enjoying them. Mike.

It's important to know there were some in silver but after 7 years now of still doing research none have been seen? Does a family have them in a box? We will not know maybe never!

..I was published in this wonderful magazine I don't know till I saw the cover. Another article is coming in December. So I'm getting you ready so you will understand this major part of our hobby. The pictures added below are part of the wall and inside St. Mary's Hall.


Kevin Leab

Level 4

I love these tokens! A great work of art and history! Thanks for the blog Mike!!


Level 6

You hooked me on these a couple of years ago. Thanks.


Level 6

Love these Condor Tokens! So beautiful! Looking forward to the Dec. article! Thanks Mike! ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

You were spot on in your assessment as to the detail involved for the time period. Like most everything else when people actually took pride in what they did. "Can't even find a guy who can do good grout work around your tub." (From the Sopranos, Season One, episode 5 "College").

It's Mokie

Level 6

I have a copy of that magazine, it was an excellent article. I think the magazine is only sent to Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists members. Beautiful tokens All!!!!

Long Beard

Level 5

I work at the company which prints the Clarion, the current issues being sent last Tuesday. It's great to be able to read it as the digital printer churns them out onto huge paper coils prior to cutting and assembly. And there are quite a few members based on the volume shipped, placed in recipient envelopes and arriving at your mailbox compliments of the U.S. Postal Service .


Level 4

Simply AMAZING! That doesn’t even describe the beauty, let alone the skill it took to create these wonderful tokens. Thanks Mike!!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I don't have any Conder tokens, but you have created a vicarious interest in them for me over the past couple years. Thanks!

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