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28 Nov 2022

Do Yqou Believe Were Alone?

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How is everyone doing? You have herd the question a thousand times. I watched a show after the football game. It was on aliens. Now I knew there was an area 51. We all know that story. Did you know about area 52? Well there is one in Nevada. What caught my eye is a family driving along a road took a wrong turn. They herd a large voice telling them to get out of the car with hands up! There were kids ther. !

...What the government didn't know is this terrified family standing there was being filmed. It seems the gentleman doing the filming had discovered this area 52 A few years and watches it all the time. He has seen some strange things. And the people of the town and soldiers. He was shown by a soldier a bunch of guys . Behind them a flying saucer. Its located about 70 miles from area 51.

...Now to Canada. I believe they have had more sightings because of there night sky. You can count the stars. Now in 1996 Canada had its greatest sighting of a U.F.O. It happened on the Klondike highway. Very close to Shag Harbour. It is know as the worlds best documentedU.F.O. case.

Witnesses were R.C.M.P.officers. Scores of fisherman and air line pilots flying at 33,000 feet Flashing lights moving at fast speeds Then it crashed into the water 300 feet triple the shore. At about 11: 20 a glowing orange sphere the size of a city buss slipped below the surface without a sound and it left an orange foam. They searched for days and found nothing.

Five months before a man looking in the woods for a sphere his name was Stefan Michalaks. . He got to close and the ship emitted a gas. He shirt and chest were burned.
Now the Royal Canadian Mint did a coin that glows in the dark. The dementioms are on the C.O.A. . it comes with a card in memory of the Queen. And a flashlight. A black light this way you can see what the witnesses saw. Now its not great taking a picture of it. I like turning out the light and seeing the most beautiful coin I have seen in a long time.

Are they out there. You bet. Your talking about thousands of people around d the world. I think the one viewing in Brazil with six ships in the sky was the largest viewing and the video you can't explain. This goes back in our country when the ships crashed and bodies reportedly were found. The woods were sealed off not a piece of paper to indicate this occurrence. That debris was taken to arena 51. And the rumors started. Now an area 52 were there developing weapons from the ships in area 51.

....Think about it.To me there is just to much documented video and witnesses. And they all have seen the same thing from different angles. I do not believe we are alone. There is just to much. I did not believe it until I found out about area 52. There is just to much security. Threatening to shoot a family down. The little girl will never forget that. That's a shame. What do you think?

PS. Jets won 31- 10



Level 5

You just never know. We exist here, so it makes since something exists elsewhere too.


Level 6

Cool coin indeed! Interesting blog Mike! I'm an "Ancient Aliens" fan... and I live in the desert with wide open black night skies... I believe we have been visited. Past, present and in the future... ; )


Level 5

Nice coin! Just got back on the website.

Doug S.

Level 4

I believe the probability of life out there is greater than there not being any, given the vastness of the universe. Some of the US Navy F-18 Hornet HUD videos released a few years ago and Navy pilot interviews are very convincing in my view. Official US Government video by the way. The coin is very cool. Great blog Mike. Regards Doug

Long Beard

Level 5

While I do believe there are things which can not be explained, I'm with Golfer. It seems that over the years, more have been proven to be a hoax than one's with close to being true. However, looking up in the night sky, there surely must be life revolving around any number of those billion stars. The ability to travel? Possibly, but it's funny how the sightings only occur at night. I do like the Canadian glow-in-the dark products.

Interesting coin.


Level 6

Cool coin. They are out there. No doubt in my mind. There used to be UFO conventions where I live. back in the 60,s and 70,s. It took place at a small airport that was just dirt. people flew in from all over. Fun change but still about coins. Good one Mike.


Level 5

That coin sounds awesome. I do believe life of all sorts exists out in the universe. I don't believe Earth has been visited by life from another planet. I want to see evidence, not fuzzy pictures. A coin for UFO experience is great. Light takes 4 years to reach Earth from the closet star to our solar system. Maybe space ships can spend hundreds of years traveling? Maybe beings on spaceships live for hundreds of years? Or their space ships travel faster then light. Either way, show us the evidence? Why not tell the public that Earth has been visited? Nice win for the Jets. NFL is exciting this year.

Long Beard

Level 5

They've got an awesome defense this year, on two of my five fantasy teams.

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