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24 Apr 2021

Kennedy's Trip To Ireland!And a Great Set

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Hi everyone. Recently Long Beard mentioned that the Bank of Ireland had released a set to remember Presidents Kennedy's 50 anniversary of his trip to his ancestral home in Ireland. I must admit I didn't know about it. But I did find one very fast. The set was made in 2013. It had a one ounce silver Proof coin worth 10 Euros. It also has a one gram gold 20 Euros. Now Irish gold is ten Karat but they use all karat gold... Despite its size they were able to get all the information on it.

He was the first sitting President to visit Ireland. The first was Ulysses S Grant after he left office in 1879 and was on a world trip with his wife. Twenty two Presidents can trace there heritage to Ireland.that's a very impressive stat. Back to the coins. The silver is sterling .925. The gold is.999. The silver is 28.61 mm and weighs 28.8 grms. The gold is 13.92 mm and weighs 1 grm. They made ten thousand sets.

... He went to Ireland in June 26,1963.Now he has known that his family came from Country Limerick. But as soon as he landed he had a hero's welcome. The records showed he came from a small town called Bruff. Everywhere he went it was ten rows deep. He met all the dignateries. But wanted to see the sights and some Memorial places. Of the pictures below you will see the family in a seni-circle. There is an elderly woman who has the President and everyone laughing. That's the conversation i would of loved to of heard. I checked my books on Kennedy and there is no reference to the conversation.

The Kennedy's left Ireland in the middle of the great starvation of Ireland in 1847 like many Irish.there population never recovered. Per capita they are 20th in population. Those who died those who left. Some say a million it's more like three and a half million. Now he was born in May 29,1917. I think we all know the day he died. November 22,1963 just four months after his visit. They cried in the streets of Ireland also. He said it was the best trip he had ever taken. Now I was reading the Irish Post two weeks ago. They had actually found the house. They were clearing overgrowth and trees and weeds when they came across a stone house outside the town of Bruff. To the record books and sure enough that was the house. I hope they fix it up and make it a landmark. It's to bad they didn't find it before he arrived there.

I hope you enjoyed this small blog on our 35 President. I always wonder what the world would be today with great men like him and Dr. King. Many other men who fought for civil rights. I would like to think the world would be a better place. They were taken to soon. He got us to the Moon. And Doc. King said the way through equality is through Education. Yes it would be a better place . Well I hope you enjoyed this brief piece of history. And the wonderful coin set.Please enlarge the pictures. Thanks for taking the time. Be safe Be well.



Level 5

Thanks for the great post buddy! As usual, you're the MAN when it comes to Kennedys! Great pics also. I'll be keeping my eyes open for one of those sets ! Talk to ya soon buddy!


Level 6

That is a great blog Mike. I remember his trip there. I was a very historic event. I am happy a proud Irishman like you was able to get that set. Very cool. Thanks..


Level 4

Thanks for the history lesson. A good tribute to the time.


Level 6

Great blog to tie the story together


Level 5

The town square in Galway is also named after Kennedy. Pretty cool guy, war hero.


Level 5

Nice blog and history. I did one of those DNA tests and have just a wee bit of Irish in me. My wife has quite a bit Irish in her. Beautiful set of coins.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Thanks Mike for another great blog. I always look forward to the information that you share. I had no idea about any of this. That's a beautiful set of coins.

The MoKe

Level 6

Very cool set Mike, Thank You for sharing your proud heritage again. I remember a trip to New England in the late 60's, every souvenir shop on Cape Cod was filled with Kennedy souvenirs, President Kennedy was truly beloved.

Long Beard

Level 5

What would be interesting to know, is whether or not the 20 Euro is actual Irish gold. There are active mines throughout Northern Ireland, yet not until 2023 will they see their first commercial mine. Conroy Gold and Natural Resources is in the process of opening along a 65k stretch at Clontibret where a very large lode deposit rests.


Level 7

There are also many active rivers in Ireland were people have found gold. Waterford in the South and the surrounding counties is known as the gold coast!. Here you find good in any of the state's you just turn it in!


Level 5

Great set and blog Mike. I had never heard of this but then again it was before I was born.


Level 7

Rub it in!!!


Level 6

Beautiful coin set! Once again the best history lesson from you Mike! ; ) Thanks for sharing this!


Level 5

Kennedy is my favorite president, and Ireland is my favorite foreign country! This made for a wonderful blog, and some AMAZING history. You knocked it out of the park once again, Mike. That coin is absolutely beautiful!

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