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21 Sep 2022

Lewis and Clark Set Released May,24,2004

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Hi everyone. I hope your all well. Today I will write about a set. A special set never done by the mint before or after. Its about the Lewis and Clark expedition. Now we know that this expedition was one of this country's greatest ever undertaken.

It started in 1804. Two men one chosen by President Thomas Jefferson. That was Meriweather Lewis the other chosen by Meriweather Lewis. That was William Clark. There mission was to explore the lands west of the Mississippi river.Otherwise known as the Louisiana Purchase.

I'm not going into the history of this it would take to much information. I will bring up some important points.It included 45 men unmarried soldiers.A French interpreter.A contracted boat crew and an enslaved person owned by Clark named York

The set includes something never done by the mint. They contracted eight tribes and had them make real Indian pouches.!!!They come with a C.O.A. from the Indian who made each pouch. They used it for arrow heads one in each set and herbs. The mintage of the set was 50,000 and sold out. It also contains a proof silver dollar. It all comes in a very handsome case.. It has the map of the journey.
..At Fort Mandan Lewis and Clark met French Canadian trapper named Toussaint Charbonneau and his wife who was pregnant she was a Shosone Indian. She was kidnapped by the Hidatsa Indians and sold to her husband.... That was the famous Sacajawea!!Her name means Boats Launcher!.

They reached the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean in 1805. The return trip started on March 23,1896at Fort Clatsop Oregon and ended the same year . The Keelboat made there journey much faster and caused less hardship. One person died on this journey Sergent Charles Floyd. He passed due to appendicitis. They made contact with two dozen Indian Nations.

...Now a very important update. How did Lewis die. He was at Grnder's Tavern in Tennessee on October 11, 1809. Many said suicide. However recently a few years ago they realized he had his Masons apron on. Now some say he was shot in the head. Some said the back. They received permission to get a piece of his Masons garb and tested it. If it was suicide there was someone else in the room. Two types of blood were found on his Masons garb. Two. So how did he die. Now some say he was murdered. He was shot in the back. But its still in dispute. I say killed they have different D.N.A
However he died it was a sad ending for one of our great explorer's. I hope you enjoyed this blog. And the set. The set tells the story.If you can get one I would suggest it. Thanks to all of you. Mike. The eight Indian Nations are in red and they made the pouches!

Bibliography. Encyclopedia Britannica and my knowledge.




Level 5

History that has both good and bad points. Impact that has lasted ever since.

AC coin$

Level 6

Great history and beautiful coin.


Level 3

Very interesting blog, @Mike. - I have never seen this set before; but nonetheless, a very cool set to have in the repertoire, indeed!

Kevin Leab

Level 4

I love the history here! Lots of great information with the Lewis & Clark Expedition when you take the time to study it all....it is way too much to post here. I find it very fascinating. Thanks for sharing this Mike....I always look forward to your blogs.


Level 6

Another great blog from you Mike! Really beautiful coin, pouch and other items included in the set. Lots of controversy going on... like how did Lewis die? Really enjoyed this bit of history today and your nice photos! ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

One controversial bit concerns the legitimacy of one of the tribes contracted by the U.S. government. Apparently their claims to tribal validity were dubious. http://atlcoin.com/atlcoinblog/2010/03/22/recall-lewis-and-clark-2004-coin-and-pouch-set/


Level 7

I checked the sets I own are not of that tribe.!!Got me scared for a while

Long Beard

Level 5

I missed picking that one up when it was being sold, looking to get one now. But from which tribe? Decisions decisions.


Level 6

Nice blog. One of my favorite commemoratives. Lived along the Missouri River during the centennial. Took in many events.


Level 4

Great job Mike. Very nice set! Are the arrow heads genuine?


Level 5

I wish that the pioneering spirit of Lewis and Clark still existed today. Oh well, we have the pioneering spirt in our history, some good, some bad to learn from today. Good blog Mike!


Level 6

Very cool set you have Mike. The pouch is a nice touch. Someone tried a new idea out. The story of that exposition is amazing. I saw a show on how Merriweather died. I should saw killed. very interesting. Cool blog. Thanks Mike, you have a winner here.

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