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26 Sep 2019

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This will be very short. On Sept,29 I was planning on changing my avatar. Nothing to do with the other collector. I was born in Ireland. The custom being if you were born on a Saints day. That's the name you were given. So far I have used that name and my middle name Pat. And the 29th of September is my birthday The feast day of Saint Michael the archangel. What does this have to do with coins. We get to know others collectors by there avatar. All of them have special meaning. Now I'm writing this to let you know in advance so you don't think I'm new. We know the avatar we know the collector. I realized that I should of left it. Well when I change it maybe today it you will know Pat is Gone Mike is back. will stay. I have one other name Matthew. Yes Ireland believes strongly in the Saints. So now you won't have to say who's Mike.. I will sign my name in messages Mike was Pat. I think it's important otherwise you say who is this guy Mike. Well you will know. That's why it's important to let collectors know your the same person. I was thinking about it and Pat doesn't fit. So today i will to introduce Mike who was Pat. We have to know our collectors. I don't want anyone to get mixed up. So now you have Mike back and it will stay that way. Thanks Mike who was Pat. I hope you understood all that. Even I'm confused. Mike After all that it would not let change to Mike. I guess there's to many. So I chose the second initial to a B. Why? It's a good letter Why not b. I will keep that letter Why not. Mike B



Level 5

Glad to see Mike back. I had a hard time remembering to call you Pat.


Level 6

Welcome back? Now leave a good a thing alone ; ) haha


Level 4

Welcome Mike B (Previously known as Pat.) I never knew about that custom in Ireland, very interesting.


Level 6

You keep things interesting by changing.


Level 6

Mike B who was Pat who was Mike who is also Mathew..?? Good enough for me. Mike is back. Long live Mike B....Thanks

The MoKe

Level 6

Welcome back Mike B, Pat never seemed right for you.

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