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28 Sep 2022

My Lucky Day

Coins | Mike

Hi! Hope everyone is well. Thanks to Pete for getting the gremlins out of the system!. Now the title is lucky day. I have had some good luck and bad. This was good.

A few years ago I guess it was four I was looking at the gov mint magazine. The had rolls of Ten Centavos. Now I wasn't big on foreign coins but these were not foreign. They were made at the Denver mint. They were very small. Smaller than our dime and made of silver.

I said why were these coins made in Denver. Well before General MacArthur before he left the Philippines he dumped all the silver in to the Manila Bay. This was done so the Japanese could not buy ammunition to use against the armed forces.

They were dated 1945. So how did I get lucky? They were not expensive so I liked them and pulled the trigger. I'm looking at the reverse and the then I looked at every letter including the mint mark even the three stars on the seal on the reverse were DD. So I looked them up. They were called the Allen-905b DD reverse.

I checked with N.G.C. and there were only 27 of these in the high grade of MS 67. Do I send them in. I checked them under 30 power. Not a mark. I decided to send six in. Good luck was with me. The six I sent in came back all MS 67. The others I knew were less of MS 67 they were MS 66!!!

This story gets better. I checked Heritage house on a guess these would be there. One was. It was a MS 66 and was auctioned of for a large sum of money I had no idea!!For one a MS 66. I waited about two years and sent one in. That's were the luck stopped. I didn't want someone getting a coin for free. So my mistake was I set a reserve!.It was to high.

That's the story of my good luck. Somethings you buy on EBay and they don't know what there selling. I have seen that. This was a once in a lifetime find.Sam said that if they write a cherry pickers book on foreign coins one of these coins would be the cover. So now you get to know the importance of this find. Its a major rarity in this hobby

So I learned from my first experience. Before I put this blog up I checked Heritage House. Back in 2020 two sold for more than I ever expected. Am I going to send them in? No. It will be a private sale. That's what I decided. So a few things had to happen for this to happen. One was the war and then he returned he came with his pockets full. He wanted to give the Philippines a chance to get back on there feet. Then the govmint bought some of the old rolls. Now the guy who checks rolls before there mailed out didn't check. He's not working there anymore. I gave two or three away. One to Sam to help the kids learn about DD. And friends.

So that's the story of my luck. And that's all it was. That's why after 30 years I still check rolls. When I checked the web I found the gov mints old advertisements for the coins. I told the seller about what happened and he said he was upset but I paid and they sold. They had to eat the whole loss. There loss was my gain. I hope all of you get this lucky. Remember this was ten years before our famous wheat cent also made at the Denver mint!

And to top it of there beautiful coins. That's why I bought them. Take care the pictures are back up. Write some blogs! Thanks for taking time to read this. You never know. You just don't know! Mike.

.There value is twice that of the 1955 cent. Look at the letters and mint mark. All DD . There are 27 of these coins. The mintage was 137,208,000. The odds that these still existed are remarkable. The date on the General's coin is October 4 1947 I believe.I have two arrows pointing to it on the obverse!



Level 5

Awesome find for sure. Searching rolls is fun and rewarding.


Level 6

Great story! That one coin has some beautiful toning on it! Thanks Mike! ; )


Level 4

That is really cool, I use to collect coins struck by the US for the Philippines. My first encounter being the bid board at Fred Coops coin shop in the Carousel Mall. Mainly the big Peso pieces and thought it was neat to see a 'D' or 'S' on what seemed like a foreign coin. I found a piece with a CUD one time but never anything as cool as your purchase, what a neat find and good luck with your sell at Heritage!

Long Beard

Level 5

Thanks for sharing that, and educating me along the way. As I had mentioned, just started this series with the key and semi-key dates first. Having no 10 centavos yet I did not realize they were smaller than the dime. So between yourself and pursuing these beautiful coins I'm certain to learn much more.

AC coin$

Level 6

Exquisite blog, nice explanation. This is something to admire because of Filipino sacrifices and ordeals. Thanks.

AC coin$

Level 6

Beautiful coin


Level 4



Level 6

Amazing story. Beautiful lot f coins. They sure have a cool history. Thanks for the blog Mike. Great job.


Level 7

I didn't put them all in.

It's Mokie

Level 6

What a great story Mike, you hit the numismatic lottery without even expecting the prize. They are beautiful coins and it could not have happened to a more deserving guy.


Level 4

Yeah, some people get all the luck! Great job Mike. Thanks for sharing.

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