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14 Nov 2020


Medals | Mike

Hi I hope.you are all well. When I read Gary's great blog about his service to this country and the wonderful job he did . I asked myself what other unknown hero's are out there. I found the one below. There is not much to say about it but it tells how everyday citizens served in there own neighbood. I found this on ebay and it speaks so loud of our country.I had to have it.

The U.S Government sold them. And 185 million people bought them.

Yes the U.S. Treasury Award. The obverse has the famous minuteman. The reverse has the raising of the flag at Okinawa. The obverse also has the logo of the Treasury Department. The reverse has a blank half circle wear the person's name would of gone. 1941-1945. Who were these people? Did they serve overseas. No. They worked with there friends and thousands of thousand people who bought War Bonds. Think of it they sold them everywhere. At there job just walking down the street..During WW 1 they were called Victory Bonds

Think about this not just famous people but the regular person . These were people we needed they were adds between movies buy bonds!!. The money raised by selling them went to the Treasury Department to the Armed Services millions of dollars for uniforms bullets guns food anything the brave men and women needed overseas. It went to the Merchant Marines brave sailors using there ships.for.supplies. We lost many of these ships and those who manned them.There were signs all over BUY BONDS!!!!. And America gave. Everyone did there part to help those access the seas far away from home. They were given snacks cigarettes and coffee. I think it was a regular cup of Joe that helped the war effort. So many things to make there lives a little easier. And a simple antique silver coin to remind us.

So you see how important these hero's were. The guy next store. Or a guy like Gary and millions of others who are our hero's. Did you get interest yes. But the need of them was the war!!




Level 6

Great blog. I have never seen this medal before. Your blog it so very true. Total effort by all citizens.


Level 5

Wow, that is a nice looking medal! Thanks for following your intuition and blogging this! Cheers, NM


Level 5

You are so right, it was a total effort. Thanks for the informative blog, I never knew about these coins. Later!


Level 5

Great medals. Very interesting history. Heroes of the war.


Level 6

Nice medal! I guess when it gets right down to it we all play a part in the effort. Thanks for sharing Mike! ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for teaching me about something i didn't know about, these medals. Very nice blog, thanks Mike


Level 6

I have never seen or heard of these medals. They are nice. Thanks for sharing.

A beautiful medal, 185 million must have been close to the entire population of the US at the time. Just goes to show how everyone did their part to help win the war. Thanks, Mike!

The MoKe

Level 6

Thanks for a great blog, Mike. The folks on the home front are always the most critical part of the supply chain and no armed force in the world can succeed without a well functioning supply chain.

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