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13 Feb 2021

Rachel Louise Carson

Medals | Mike

Hi everyone . I hope your all fine and well. I know the first question . Who was Rachel Louise Carson. She was a great woman and a fighter her whole life to clean up the envirment. That movement didn't start ten or twenty years ago. It started with this great author and marine biologist. She was born May 27,1907 she passed on April 14,1964. But what did she do she started work on the Global Environment movement. She wrote a book called Silent Spring. Her most famous and well read book..

As I said she started as a marine biologist. She moved on to the other problems facing the world.Her career started at the U.S Bureau of Fisheries and became a full-time author in the 1950's. Then she turned to conservation and the main problem being pesticdes. You see now what I mean when I say this movement didn't start twenty or thirty years ago. She took on the problems and immediately took on major compaines. She testified before.Senate subcommittee. The book Silent Spring was written in 1962. Her best writing.

She went after the companies making pesticides such as D.D.T.. She never backed down and it led to a national ban on this dangerous chemical. This one person . This one woman. Took on the giants of industry. This led to The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Who says one person can't change things. Many famous individuals have.
Now her first story was written t the age of ten. To list her publications they would all have to do with with issues dealing with environmental issues. This magnificent died of a heart attack caused by cancer. Some say from studying and learning about the damage these chemicals caused. The rivers and oceans. P!ants that we need to grow and live on. Her posthumous honors could fill a book on its own. That's because this woman changed the way we live todayl! Over the globe. Companies dumping waste into rivers and oceans killing fish fry the thousands.

Where did I get this medal about this wonderful woman.? From the AN.A. I think there still for sale. The medal was designed by a gentleman named Don Everhart. It's 71kmm 142 grms. Just look at the design. The American Eagle with its catch. Her likeness with a farm ,deer an eagle in flight a butterfly a river and a forest. Every thing she worked for. So we could live a life today without poisons and the killing of great animals. Fish from clean ruvers. This woman we owe the earth for a rare wonderful woman and what she did. This Medal was supposed to be sold at the A.N.A. Show in 2020. But we know it was cancelled. Call. I believe they have ones in silver and bronze. This is what this hobby does. It teaches us. How many people knew of this woman before the Medal. not many. A great choice by the A.NA. It's beautiful and I would call and pick one up. They are numberd. I have 41. But it's the Medal that counts. That teaches. Just like this hobby!! Thanks. Mike!!




Level 4

Cool medal


Level 5

Once again, our most dedicated member of the ANA blogging community delivers! So great that I read it twice! Thanks, Mike! Cant wait for the next one. Catch ya later!


Level 5

Very nice looking medal, and such a great person too. Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Nice story! Thanks for all the history and sharing the medal with us! ; )


Level 5

Thanks for the great blog Mike. Sounds like a great woman.


Level 5

Nice research and background on such an important voice for any time. Medal is Purdy!

It's Mokie

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Rachel was a native of the Pittsburgh area, she grew up in a little river town just north of Pittsburgh on the Allegheny River. Don Everhart executed the design but the inspiration for its brilliant design was an essay written by PAN Board Chairman Don Carlucci in te run up to the cancelled WFM. During one of our meetings, we kicked around some ideas and Don advocated so strongly for Rachel Carlson and an environmental theme that we voted unanimously to forward our proposal to ANA (the final decision makers). Mr. Everhart took the idea and turned the medal into a masterpiece. Thanks for telling Rachel's story Mike, "Silent Spring" was arguably the book that saved the Bald Eagle, our national symbol.


Level 6

Interesting blog. Nice looking medal.


Level 6

That's a very good looking medal. Thanks for all the info Mike. Well done. She is well deserving of a medal..

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for sharing about her

Long Beard

Level 5

You are correct, they are still available despite the cancellation of the Pittsburgh World's fair of Money show.


Level 7

That's in the blog the show was cancelled and they come in silver and bronze.


Level 5

I have the two medal set. Great history and American hero. Thanks for posting.


Level 5

What a great story Mike ! I had never heard of this lady before. Thanks for sharing this information. I have had my numismatic class for today. Nice medal also !

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