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30 Mar 2016


Coins-World | Mike

Hi everyone! Well I received my St. Paul's token. I have to tell you to remember that pictures in the book are nothing like the real thing. First of all it's very big. Even though it's in a holder I put it up against a Morgan dollar. The difference was I could see part of the rim of the Morgan. That's big. The thickness is almost the same. Let's say you send in a Jefferson nickel to be graded. If they can count the steps on the reverse they put it on the label and the price goes up. I can count all fifteen steps RCgoing into the cathedral! Not five or six, fifteen. Now NGC will put edge writing on the label. Why because if you look in the book some tokens are considered rairer than other writing's.
When I sent the other tokens to PCGS I noticed on there slabs they do not put the edge writing on the label. I called them yesterday and asked them why? The answer well we don't do that. So I told them the importance of it. The reply if you want it on you have to request it. One more question. Where does it say that on your form? Oh it doesn't. I then asked am I in time to request it?. Yes. Then put the edge writing on the label! So when you see a coin or token in  a book don't judge  the size of it. Wait till you get it home. I very happy with it I can see every brick and window. For a token or coin 222 years old that's pretty good. That's how you  appricate the tokens. So old yet so new. Take care and keep collecting!



Level 7

Yes me and someone else bought the same token at different times. I want to put pictures up having problems doining it. I'll get it and when I do I will put them up! Mike


Level 5

what prize was this that world_coin_nut got one, too?


Level 6

That's interesting...can you put up a picture?


Level 5

Mike, I got mine in the mail today. It looks even better in person. So what did yours end up grading?


Level 5

Interesting. How would anyone know they have to request it added to the label? Sounds like a communication issue rather easy to resolve on the grading services side of things!

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