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04 Oct 2021

Easy Way To Get Your Proof Set Graded!!

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Hi well I hope your all ok. The Pictures are up!!Thanks Pete. Well this is a simple but interesting blog. Every year the mint comes out with there sets. Proof and others. .I noticed a company was selling these. One big thing different. They graded in the lens!!! Yes they were more money but easier than sending them to N.G.C..

Now if you look at the pictures you will see the lenses are sealed with silver tape. The lens has a sticker on telling you they are Gem . Now to send that in would cost allot more than sending them in coin by coin. Even the box has the N.G.C. label. It says N.G C. On the lens. . Sealed on the sides and top. Now I don't remember how much these cost.. I bought this set. I thought it was something different and allot simpler. The company sends them in and sells them to us.
It's a great to store your coins and have them graded at the same time. I did buy this for one year and I saw one this year so I guess they still do it. Gem Brilliant usually means M.S.65. Could you get a hgher grade.yes you can. But packaging them paying for each coin and my all the fees this seemed like something that would catch on. Like I said I did see a company selling them this year. It up to you.I bought this set on a whim. . Only one year. I have books these coins to in. So I wasn't going to buy two sets a year. I thought I would show these to you. There are company's thinking outside the box. Either way they will be more money. But they have to be cheaper sending them in. You also would be a to be happy with a Gem Brilliant. Think about it let me know what you think.

The other sets the silver proof set also. The proof set . I found it interesting let me know how you feel. Those on a budget this would be good. It's also first day of Issue!!



Level 4

I think I would much rather have a set graded like that in my collection than all those annoying slabs. I think if they just created a piece of paper that was impossible to counterfeit that they could put in the box it would be very easy to store.


Level 6

Did I miss something? I see the NCG label, but no grade. I can tell they ate GEM

Long Beard

Level 5

I've seen GSA's graded in their original encapsulation but that's a first seeing a proof set. The only issue I see grading this way is that the mint's plastic cases are not at all air tight which could lead to toning in the long term. Which, judging by the label in the image, brings up the question is gem proof the only grade they offer?


Level 6

These are very cool! Thanks for showing us! Hurray the photos are back up and working! ; )


Level 5

Nice, ditto what CentSearcher said.


Level 5

That's pretty interesting, I've never seen proof sets graded like that before

That's cool! Nice coins.


Level 5

I like this idea. Thanks to NGC for providing this service. I wish the stickers had serial numbers so you knew the three lens went together. Thanks for telling us about this Mike.


Level 7

Your very welcome. Anytime!


Level 5

These are nice. I like the idea of these since they are MS65 or more? I have a few single coins graded this way. Just says. Gem on the label.

The MoKe

Level 6

Very cool, I will have to look for examples at the PAN Show (28, 29, 30 October) Monroeville PA pancoins.org


Level 6

I like the idea. Reminds me of the NGC graded GSA coins in the package. The seal is the main thing. Great idea. Thanks Mike.

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