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31 Oct 2021

The New Morgan's and Peace Dollars 2021

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Well I hope everyone is ok.. I'm writing this about the special coins made by the mint this year. I said coins because there not commens. There not Medals. They are U.S. coins. I'm not a big Morgan Dollar fan but when I heard about these I set up a budget right away. When I received the first one in the mail there was a thought in my mind that I was at a table playing poker and throwing these up to place a bet. It was remarkable. These I can't believe the luster and not a bag marks for miles.

I also ordered the Peace dollars they come next week. I can only imagine what beauty they bring. . I was lucky to get a chance to order these. It's all luck. There is no talent needed to get these. I signed on received some messages but I did get my orders. I never thought the mint could pull this of . Your talking over a million coins and mailing them. The one bad thing is the packaging. It's terrible. Cheap cardboard. I was lucky again they held up. To see a coin the way George T. Morgan ment them to be seen is breathtaking.

I expected chaos based on the mints history. Yes I received messages but I just signed on again and the order process was smooth. Just like a regular coin. So some of the problems were gone. Many people are looking at these as.a continuation of the set . The rest of the order the Peace Dollars will be here Tuesday. I would be happy with a MS 69. I didn't buy the for value. Most of you know I do not sell my coins. They will be left for my boys.

What can you say about a perfect Morgan. I believe he's looking down and is very pleased the hobby loved his hard work. To think the Barbers wanted nothing to do with him. There was no love lost. Morgan worked in his apartment for 80.00 dollars a week. Back then it was allot of money.. There is nothing else to say about these coin they speak for themselves. I will enjoy them for a very long time. I hope you enjoyed this short read of some wonderful coins. You all be safe and stay well. Thanks Mike.




Level 7

Update: Coins are done. Out of five I received three 70's and two 69's. Can't complain about that. It's all luck as I say. Also got early releases! That makes a difference. Thanks for reading my blog!

Beautiful! I never got the chance to get one. But they also are expensive.

Doug S.

Level 4

Wow. Beautiful coin!!! Congratulations Regards Doug

Long Beard

Level 5

Congratulations! I would say more on the subject but I posted that under the forum.


Level 3

nice dollars but they are out of my price range


Level 6

Very beautiful indeed! Can't wait to get the Peace Dollar next week! Great blog! ; )


Level 5

I got my CC last week, and I'm looking forward to the Peace Dollar next week. I only ordered the CC and the Peace because those were the only coins I wanted. That makes me a happy camper! And you're right, not a bag mark on it! The CC privy will go nice with my complete set of CC Morgans!

Long Beard

Level 5

There's a post on another forum about a rainbow spot dead center on the obverse. I, like others, think it's oil residue from a leaky press. More than one coin reported.


Level 5

Man, those are beautiful coins. If I could afford one, I would get one. Thanks for posting.


Level 5

Beautiful addition to any collection. I missed out on the online ordering. Will have to buy one or so from EBAY or coin dealer. Thanks for posting this beautiful coin.


Level 6

Beautiful coins. I can't wait to hold one, carefully. I too have a Peace Dollar coming. The coins do speak for themselves.


Level 5

Mint price was too high for my budget. Nice looking coin.


Level 7

Thanks for the comment. But 85.00 as I said I had saved up for a year .

AC coin$

Level 6

Beautifull coin, greant bloq.


Level 5

You’re right Mike ! Those are some really great looking dollars for sure! Thanks for sharing. Talk to ya soon buddy!

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