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05 Sep 2022

The Nickel That Changed The Cold War!!!!

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Hi everyone I hope all is well. We talk about coins in the movies and used for other props. But this blog is about a single nickel that changed History!!Lets start !!!

.....This nickel stoped the cold war for a while. You see A young man his name was Jimmy Bozart. Jimmy was a paper boy. On his rounds to collect his pay for delivery of his news papers. This 14 year old stopped at 3403 Foster Ave in Brooklyn. The gentleman paid him and on his way down the steps he noticed something was wrong. I remember getting under our desk in case of an atomic bomb like it would of helped but that's what we did!

. He was right. He noticed the 1947 nickel was very very lite. While looking at it he dropped it and it split open!!He found a black film very small. Brought it to his dad. They went to the police who brought everyone to the F.B.I. for questioning. It turned out to be micro film!

Further study showed names and important documents. Now to the Russian Spy his name was Abel Ivanovich. The nickel he gave Jimmy was a 1947 nickel. Now I saw this nickel at the F.B.I. museum in the F.B.I. building it looked like a normal nickel.

....The Russians wanted their spy back. So they made a deal. A few years before our U-2 spy plane was shot down over Russia. The deal our pilot for there spy. B thoth sides agreed. They met on a bridge and the exchange was made. That's were the two movies come in. The F.B.I. Story and on October 16,2015 the second movie A Bridge of Spys. Starting Tom Hanks.

...Now think what would have happened if little Jimmy did not drop that nickel? We wouldn't know about the ring and they would of gone on spying on us. But that nickel changed the cold war. An exchange for one of our pilots for a spy. This seems like fiction but it did happen! Imange if it did not drop. People important people could of been killed.Some of our dearest secrets would of been found out!!
I check my 1947 nickels when I get them. Who knows. I hope you enjoyed this short blog and true story. A single nickel played such an important part in our history!



Level 5

Interesting story. Thanks, Mike!

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Very intriguing story Mike! I always enjoy your blogs and the history behind the coins.


Level 6

This story shows how coin collecting and history go together.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

These stories are always fascinating

AC coin$

Level 6

Interesting narrative and contents. Thanks.


Level 6

What a great story! You never know how coinage is going to play out in our history! Thanks Mike!

Long Beard

Level 5

Further enlightenment and reason why I often refer to you as a living library.


Level 5

What an incredible story, Mike! You can never tell exactly how history would have played out had this hollow nickel not been discovered. However, it is always interesting to speculate.


Level 4

Very nice blog, just looked up the coin and I've never heard of this. The subject was a great experience to read and I enjoy it a lot. Thanks again for the history report.


Level 6

Very cool story Mike. Crazy but true. Things like this are a nice break from the usual facts we read here. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Great and very interesting subject, that is why I love this site, we get the benefit of outstanding research. Thanks Mike!!!


Level 4

Crazy tidbit of history that circles around numismatics. Love it Mike! Its little things like this, that not only make our hobby enjoyable, but seriously intriguing. Heads or tails? Winner is based on a flip of a coin.


Level 4

Very interesting story. I don’t watch much tv, or movies, so I had never heard of this. Amazing how the biggest of plans, can be destroyed by the smallest mistakes.

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