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24 Sep 2021

The Presidential Coin And Chronicles Sets

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Well my friends there are gremlins in my pictures on this site. So we will go without them. I know many of you have never heard of these.. I believe there the nicest most educational sets the mint ever made.I will give the year the mintage of each set. 2006 Benjamin Franklin 50,000 2009 Lincoln 50,000. 2013 F Roosevelt 19,500 2014 T Roosevelt 15,120 2015 Truman. 16,812 2015 Eisenhower 16,744 2015Kennedy 49,051 2015Johnson 23,095 2016 Reagan 50,000 2021 G.H. Bush 35,000. Now these sets came with a medal the Presidential coin a bronze of the wife and stamps. They also had booklets that went from 20 to 40 pages.. I had been collecting these when no one else was. I know Franklin was not a President but it was the 300 anniversary of his birth. I would love to show you the coin in that set. Everything was going well. Till Truman. The mint decided to play there games. They made his Presidential Coin a reverse proof. Sold out in 12 minutes not 15.
Now the regular collectors had to go to the secondary market. That set still sells for 300.00 or more. I was watching R. Tomaska and he said do not break up these sets. Well the sellers on ebay did that. I had pictures from eBay to show you some of the prices. Truman was sold by the mint for 57. 00. After that they went up.
They also have stamps in most of them. These were done with something the mint never did before. Class. If I was to tell you one man on ebay is selling four sets for 7,900 would you believe me another selling five sets for 800.00? Check ebay. I mean there was nothing better than looking at the coins and reading about the President. The Reagan set has a silver eagle in it. Most a medal of the President. But these sets were not about coins. It was in a way but education is what they were shooting for. I am asking you to go to eBay and check them out. Some are 60.00 others like I said hundreds. And they sold for 57.00 in the beginning. And they say nothing goes up only dow n.
..I enjoy this series very much. It kills me I can't post pictures. . When the A.N.A. opens I will call and get this problem fixed. But please take a look at these. You will we what I'm talking about. Thanks for the read.Mike.

...P.S. Due to a medical problem I had to cut this short. But I will not give up. We are here to share!!

To access ebay put coin and Chronicles sets.




Level 7

Thank you all for your kind comments. This is learning. A whole series of sets people.didn't know.about. . We have some good bloggers young and old. It makes this a great site.!!!


Level 6

I'll have to check out this series. Thanks for the information! ; )


Level 5

I have the Lincoln and Reagan sets. I remember the Lincoln set selling out the first day from the mint. Funny, I don't remember it being the same hassle it is today. Maybe things will improve with Ryder out on the First of October. OOPs, I kind of got off track. I love these sets, and I wish I hadn't sent the Lincoln coins to be certified. The set doesn't look quite the same without the slots for the coins filled.

The MoKe

Level 6

I would definitely love to get the Lincoln Coins and Chronicles set someday. Maybe at the October PAN. Thanks Mike, you have great and eclectic taste.


Level 5

Glad to hear from you in blog format. I am always informed by your blogs because the topics are things I have never head of.


Level 5

Would make nice gifts, especially for YN. Thanks for bringing these sets back to our attention.


Level 5

I have definitely never heard of these.... I have much more tp research! Thanks again, Mike! Get well soon!


Level 6

These set are great educational sets. Too bad they limit the mintage.

Long Beard

Level 5

I pondered on the sets but decided on the Presidential medals instead. What strikes me is that the Mint is currently listing them at $65 while on EBAY they are nearly the same price. Once I have enough of them to start I'm making a wooden frame with holes, like the coin boards, to hang on the wall. Nice read, Sir.


Level 7

Good comment. But these were not about the Presidential coins. It's about the 5 reverse proofs everyone wanted. It was not suppose to be about the stamps and coins it was about history. They did a great job on these sets!.


Level 6

Great blog introducing us to this series. You are the only one I know that collects them. There are some nice ones in there, I agree. I didn't know about al the info they included. Sounds interesting. I'm sure you will get your photos up soon. I will be checking them out on eBay. Thanks Mike. Well done.

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