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30 Mar 2022

The St. Patrick Half Penny 1670

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Saint Patrick . The half penny. This is the first blog I'm writing about a coin I do not own yet!On the obverse it is written Florest Rex . This means may the King flourish. The reverse its written Quiteslay Plebs. That means may the people be at peace.it shows David playing the harp gazing at the Royal Crown of England wish was a gold color.

The other side shows Patrick preaching with his church in the background Downpatrick. This is also made in silver not the same as this. If you think this one is expensive. I won't be buying either one for a while

Now everyone has a different place were he was born. Spain, Germany . He was born in Roman England. I the year 386A.D. At the age of sixteen he was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave He did escape after six years and get home. Now Patrick says himself that while walking a saint appeared to him and gave him a letter. As he read it The people of Ireland were crying out come back Patrick . That's what he did and became a monk. A priest and a Bishop. Now we call him Saint Patrick but he was never canonized. The church only made martyrs saints at that time. But the people loved him. And at his death on March 17 461 A.D. the people called him a Saint and it stayed with him and the church recognizes him as a Saint. The year of his death is not in stone. But most stay with this. year461 A.D..

He converted the Druids using one of there gods the sun god. And a Christian cross. That's when the Celtic cross was born and we know he used a shamrock to show three individual plants living from one root. The pictures below the first two are of course the coin. The next Downpatrick the Saints grave and his church Downpatrick The next is a stunning statue of this great man.

...The next one is a picture of Albert Reynolds and meself he was the Prime Minister of Ireland and a great man we became friends and kept in touch he passed away from Alzheimer's sad for someone who remembered everything and everyons. And the last was one of my proudest days when I had the honor of being aide to the Grand Marshall Moureen O'Hara it was a beautiful day we had almost 175,000 marchers and two million people at the parade. There is no feeling like leading your people up the Queen of avenues. I was never so proud. I hope you enjoyed this. Of course I left out most of his life. I could write for weeks. One last thing there are miracles on the books that show that Patrick preformed. I hope you enjoyed this short blog. I kept most of the religion out and focused on the coin which was made in three countries. Ireland ,England, and Wales. See I can't stop. Take care be safe and well. Mike


Doug S.

Level 4

Fantastic back story here Mike!! Awesome. The people of Ireland were most likely undergoing Viking attacks as was England at about this time! Its why I have a small percentage of Scandinavian DNA in my blood. The Romans left the Isles around the year 400 or so as the Empire collapsed. Your blogs are always fascinating!! Regards Doug


Level 5

What a terrific story. Quite magical.


Level 6

Who is that handsome Irishman? Great job Mike. I commend you for keeping this as short as it was. I know your love and interest in this. You could have wrote a book. I do hope you find this coin and are able to add it to y9ur sets. Thanks.


Level 5

Wow, you have lived a storied life! Thanks for sharing.


Level 7

Still living it Gary!


Level 6

Thanks for the nice blog

Long Beard

Level 5

Great back story. You always aim high on the coinage, patience and persistence will prevail!


Level 6

I loved this blog! Your pictures really tell a story. Is this coin on your wish list??? Thanks again Mike, great job! ; )


Level 7

Yes it is Kepi!!


Level 3

Good Job


Level 4

Great blog! Very interesting!

It's Mokie

Level 6

There you go, a Blog that I can sink my teeth into. Let's keep it going, Thank You Mike for giving us our proper headings.

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