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11 Apr 2018

What A Day To Shop The Good And The Bad

Odd & Curious Money | Mike

Well everyone how are  you today. What is going on with our currency. My wife had to go to the store to pick some things up. As we always do i check the change when she gets home. So she gave it to me and asked her were she went she told me and i said this has never happened to me in my life of collecting. So she asked and I said well they stuck you with a fake twenty dollar bill. As soon as I touched it I knew. The paper was terrible. There was no threads. No water marks. No security strip. That should be light was dark and opposite. No intense small writing some of the words actually looked coloured in. I can go on look at the green seal. That's sad. These guys didn't even try. The reverse the same. You can probably see some things I gave up looking there is just to much. Then I told my lovely wife she has to take it to the bank and fill out some forms. A sad ending to this part.
However I looked at the five not only real but a star note from 2013. We haven't received one of those in a long time. I will take that one. It's not worth a million dollars but at least we didn't get stuck with the whole twenty. That's not bad. I hope everyone checks there change. You never know what you will get. I'm very happy I checked today. I don't know how good the pictures will tell you but take my word. It would of been better if they did it free hand.! I guess once in a while some of us get stuck. But do the right thing bring it to the bank and don't ask for another one back. I hope you enjoyed this now there in my neighborhood. They mix it up stores with long lines mostly supermarkets and gas stations. So be careful out there always check you change for varieties doubled dies. That's rite doubled dies not double. A quick lesson. I enjoyed this today never happen again a counterfeit and a star note in one transaction enjoy and check that change. Make sure you click on the notes so you can see them . Mike


coin collector

Level 4

man that stinks

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is quite the experience

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

It would be cool to find a counterfeit bank note


Level 6

Wow, so sorry she got passed a fake. You got one bad one and one good one! ; ) I'm glad you got her laughing! It seems as times in our society get harder, these type of things happen more often. Thanks for a great blog!


Level 6

Sorry this happened. I hears of some counterfeiters who put the wrong portraits on their notes, so they got caught rather quickly.


Level 6

I have a past friend that owned a bar. I know. A perfect place to pass fakes. So, he gets a bad $20.. Calls up the bank and they tell him what you were most likely told. He instantly passed it that night... Your a good honest man Mike. We, your friends, know what your will be rewarded with.... I'm glad you had your wife laughing..Thanks


Level 5

Oh man, that stinks, Mike! Well, at least that fiver is real - and a star! -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


Level 7

Actually is was kind of fun. She was upset but I had her laughing in a few minutes. Thanks.


Level 6

Sorry to hear your wife's experience.

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