New Quarter Released From The Mint 2021

14 Mar 2021

2021 New Quarter . The obverse is the same. It comes in the proof set. I enjoy the reverses much it's clad . I like Washington standing in the boat. He was probably sitting!! So now I have the silver proof. The proof. And the P mint one to go!

Enlarge the slabed so you can see the label!! Or click twice!! It's different than the coin this coin graded a proof 70!! It's worth about 60.00 at that grade



Level 4

those are cool. i have a few.


Level 7

This coin the silver proof is going for nice prices on ebay!With Proof 70!!


Level 7

That one came in the proof set. I did get one in circulation the other day. So there coming


Level 5

Looks great! I found my first one just a few weeks ago, and eventually I want to get a proof for my type set

Long Beard

Level 5

Have yet to find any circulating, sound familiar?


Level 6

Nice one Mike..


Level 5

I love it!


Level 5

I love it!! Its such a beautiful quarter. I cant wait to get one (:


Level 6

Beautiful 2021! I love the outstretched sword! ; )

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