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17 Feb 2022

1795 Cents

| mrbrklyn

One of the earliest Copper US coins that being with a 17 - always fun to aquire one -



Level 5

Makes you wonder who might have ever touched the coin? George Washington? Thomas Jefferson? Sam Adams?


Level 6

Beautiful coin!

Doug S.

Level 4

Fantastic coin! Regards Doug


Level 7

A one sentence blog. I believe that the writer said these belong in forums


Level 4

Correct!!! Change the rules!


Level 5

Would love to own these old coins from 1700's. I do have a Fugio. Hard to find these in pocket change.


Level 4

BTW - look at the wear on this coin. Consider all the farming villages that this coin went through just after the American Revolution which ended in 1783


Level 4

Golfer - you always find the silver lining, even in a copper coin

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