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22 Mar 2022

Blogging Rules

Coins in the Classroom | mrbrklyn

I initially posted this in the forum, but it seems at this point to be appropriate enough here. I believe the forum needs to be lifted and the blog space locked down at this point. All blogs should be approved before being allowed. Otherwise it becomes a zoo.

1) Limit 2 blogs a week

2) All blogs must pass the AI plagiarizing test. the same one used in HS English classes

3) All blogs must have a minimum of 300 words and 4 paragraphs

4) All Blogs must remain on the topic in their title and be on Numismatics

5) Points will not be issues for creating Blogs

6) Blogs that break the rules will result in points being removed from the profile.

7) All posts should have a statement that the contents are copyrighted by the owner and not in violation of copyright law. This is an important legal safe harbor and a reminder to users that they are responsible for not posting copyrighted material.

I have added this:
8) Posts in the Blog can not refer to the author in third person.
9) Replies to blog postings should have to be 2 paragraphs and we should end the proclivity to reply with "Like" and "Cool"

A simple reording of the Community Button would go a long way to helping make sure that everyone can enjoy the priveledge of this forum as it would encourage people to use the FORUM first for trival communications, and not fill up the blog space.



Level 5

Like Mike stated - the ANA would need a huge amount of money to pay for such an effort. Would it not be easier to just have user complaints directly about and to a specific user or an escalation to the ANA staff to review the complaint if the offending user refuses to listen to the majority of users? I am sure the smart people here can come up with a process not requiring huge money and long schedule.


Level 4

Look - it has returned.


Level 4

I, again, completely agree with everything except the amount of paragraphs and/or the rule about commenting. I think a minimum of 2 paragraphs would suffice as long as the post is 300+ words. But, as I also think that comments should be better than 'Nice', 'Cool', or 'Great blog', they should not have to be 2 paragraphs long. For many reasons I say this, such as when I am typing I am on my third line of the paragraph, while to the person reading this, this probably on the fourth or fifth line down. That reason essentially means that if you type out 2 paragraphs as a comment it might come out as a massive comment, or it might come out as a small comment if your screen is smaller, while believe saying 'Great blog' or 'Cool' should be followed by two sentences or more as reasons why you thought it was a 'Great blog'. Other than those minor problems I would simply state that that system should be employed by the ANA as it would make blogs good. And, of course, collections should be posted with a maximum of 1 every month, with at least 2, well-described coins or notes, as opposed to no topics and a blurry picture of the coin that you saw on the cover of the collection with 'My cool coin' typed below. Having a descriptive first sentence gives you info about their collection, and one topic is good, but only if you have one only of that type of object. If you have multiple, it is not a good idea to put every one of them in one topic. Describing each one is not that hard, so please do it. This is strictly my personal opinion, but I believe these laws and maybe a few more against bad collections will help improve your coins put in collections be viewed more.


Level 4

$tarCollector - While I am, of ocurse, bias to my original suggestion, I would concern and be willing to compromise on the point about the word count being more important than the pharmagraph count. We certainly agree and we really need t o have a limit on the raw number of posts into the blog space, and you make excellent points with that regard. Sometimes you can combine blogs into a single topic. In fact, that is probably an excellent idea in the general, and I often do just that. Whle, as an experienced writer, I can readily churn out 4 paragraphs, or more, it is the reseaqrch, not the writing itself that is most often time consuming.. and it should be. For younger folks, they might well strugle with more than two paragraphs. I would just dend my positon by saying that with not that mocuh practice, writing more than 2 paragraphs should become easier for the writer. Hey, we are working with Word Processors now and spelling and grammer correction. Try to remember churning out 10 page book reports on an IMB selectric or a manual type writer. :) My final thought on this (at least for now) is that we need to have the blog space moderated. A 30 second review of all the postings for reasonable compliance can save EVERONE a ton of greif.


Level 7

Just tell me who's going to monitor all this.? They need money. Some people are doing two or three different jobs! I doubt someone will get paid to count words. And read them all! That's not realistic. Points must be given because the kids need them for there auctions. Besides we work hard well some of us do on them. It shows your active.That's all it shows. The older crowd shows there active. That's what there for. We get nothing. Look I have been here a few years . Written about 800 blogs. I don't need rules to tell me how to write them. I know how to write them. And leave the kids to do what they do. They learn as they go along. Some start with three or four lines but grow with time. We crawl before we walk. You don't want to put pressure on them.


Level 6

Too many unrealistic rules... So you're saying we should have 2 paragraphs of something to say on this blog??? Cool!!! ; )


Level 6

Some good points. Some points could lead to censorship/

It's Mokie

Level 6


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