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17 Feb 2022

Chinese Pandas

Coins-World | mrbrklyn

On e of the best minted designs, consistently over years. This obverse is an image from the forbidden city. Considering the pride collectors have over 6 steps on the Jefferson Nickle, this coin bristles with minting excellence.

I'm not going to waste bandwidth on useless facts about the Forbidden city. It is obviously the seat of power for Chinese despots for generations and you can best learn about it here


from National Geographic. It is all wood construction which is itself interesting.






Level 5

Not a fan either. A fan of Freedom.


Level 6

Never really cared for the Panda design.


Level 5

Thanks for the links! I love silver pandas and have two myself!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Beautiful coin, but I can't support a totalitarian nation that commits genocide.


Level 4

fakes are an issue, but it is not hard to get a decent known authentic bullion chinese issue. If anything, it is China that is the problem and if you want to support their efforts in face of the human rights abuses and genocide they are involved with. I have a very high standard for making such statements, FWIW. There is a lot of conflicts in the world but China's activities are over the top and without warent.


Level 5

Unfortunately I am not a fan of Chinese coins, just because of the fakes being produced. Beautiful coins, but scared to acquire any. Heard and seen to many issues with fakes. Thanks for the blog, appreciate the post. Always nice to read a good blog.

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