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01 Feb 2022

Man's first Food

Coins-World | mrbrklyn

The Polish entry into the 1971 Food for All Program is one of the unsual coins that we have come across for several reasons. First of all, the subject matter would get the attention of most Americans as it's obverse is an iconographic image of a nuring infant. Americans wouldn't put this on a coin, but the Poles, especially when still behind the Iron Curtain, would and did. And it is a nice design, well balanced and with occusive aspects to it. It doesn't have a traditional rim, but it is struck on an upset coin blank. So it has a spoon like curve in the coin. The coin came raw and had a nice bronze tint, but it went to ANACS for conservation and grading and the result wa a lovely metalic color of the coin.It came in two varieties that are listed in Krause:Pr185 1971 10 Zotych. Copper-Nickel. Eagle with wings open. Baby nursing in front of world globe, FAO above.There is about 51K coins mintedthe other is plain nickel and was minted for the elite of the Polish governmen and this coin is hard to find. Krause has it minted at about 500 coins, but I've heard that these numbers are very rough and not to be taken seriously.Pr186 1971I'm sort of looking for one of these at a reasonable cost. Being nickel it should be magnetic.

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