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30 Jul 2018

First Medal Collected

Medals | Mrdavie

So how does one get started collecting medals? Here is a scenario (Mom is 93 years old): (Mother) "I'm getting rid of the stuff on the dining room table." (Me) "Can I have this?" She chuckles, "Sure." That's it!



Level 5

That's a great way to get started. I really like the medal. Recently I have been collecting more and more medals. It's becoming kind of addicting.


Level 6

Great way to get started. Have fun. There are some good deals out there, for now..


Level 6

Look in dealers' junk boxes. Look around at shows. There are many medals to keep you interested.


Level 6

Great story. Medals can be very rewarding. I like medals and the history that they represent.


Level 6

What a fun story! Mom sounds great ; ) Very cool medal indeed. Personally I really enjoy medals and have a nice assortment in my collection. Thanks, I really enjoyed your blog!

What a way to get started! Have fun on your adventure.


Level 7

Good story keep it nice medal good story.


Level 4

LOL! Good story, cool medal! Was it made in '69? ~Matt

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