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17 Jul 2018

Making minor coin purchases

| Mrdavie

To honor the collecting efforts of my father-in-law, I was able to almost fill the Littleton 1930 - 1958 coin folder, with the glaring exception of the 1931 pennies (Philadelphia, D and S). Shopping for these pennies becomes a challenge. Many are for bid on eBay. Some are buy now, but the images may not be sufficient to examine them carefully.  I know we are only talking about a few dollars except for the -S or for mint or proof state. I just need a nice penny to match the ones already in the folder. Where does one go to purchase such modest items? There is no coin shop in my immediate area, or a pending coin show. I am not looking to make an "investment" in coin "assets" just to complete a coin folder. Any recommendations?



Level 5

A lot of the online sellers have brick and mortar stores. You can call or email them with what you want and most will be more than helpful. Many of the online sellers only list the high dollar items on their websites.


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Thanks for the info. I realized I can’t obsess over filling empty spots in my folders - not yet. I haven’t finished putting in the coins I have. It’s tempting to go and spend a bunch of money. That wasn't my objective. “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you might find, you get what you need.”

Remember that in the 1930's lots of folks were collecting cents as a cheap depression era pastime. Word also got out that the mint wasn't making many 1931's so people started saving them, hence it's probably a little harder to find one in a well circulated state, or low-ball grade good enough to fill a folder slot. Keep looking though.


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I have actually found alot of hole fillers for my Mercury Dime set at e-Bay. I've been really happy with all of my purchases.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

well for the 1931-S at a high grade and red coin you should try to buy a slabbed one. but if you are looking to fill a hole in a folder coin dealers (found at coin shows) would be ideal. Also note that Littleton does charge much more than a regular dealer would


Level 6

Littleton is good. Order from an established coin dealer.


Level 6

I would recommend on-line auctions.. Good luck..

I recently found a few 1931,1932, and 1933 wheat pennies in a bag of them I purchased. They were only 5 cents a piece, and it filled quite a lot of holes in my folder.


Level 7

Try dealers for these cents. They might have them. Check Littleton they sell by years.


Level 4

Have you tried APMEX?

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