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03 Jul 2018

Saving Nickels and Red Book Pricing Guide

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I filled the Jefferson Nickel coin folders with pocket change, and was left with a pile of nickels. I tried to select the nicest nickel from any one group of a given year/mint. For now, I am keeping a roll's worth of each coin without regard to grade, unless it's ugly. Starting with 1938 and including 1947, The Red Book provides price guides starting with grade VF-20 to PF-65.  Starting with 1948 through1965, the price guide starts with MS-60. After 1965 it drops MS-60. From this, I assume the following:

   1. Save every Nickel dated between 1938 - 1947;
   2. Only save 1948 - 1964 with grades MS-60 or better;
   3. Only save 1965 or newer with grades of MS-63 or better.

I know each individual has to decide on their collecting modus operandi, but I would like to know what you think.



Level 3

Great responses. Thanks and Happy Fourth!


Level 6

Good job filling your set. I always use quarters when I'm using a vending machine in the hopes of some nice coins in change.. Have fun..


Level 4

I love nickels! Definitely my favorite to search...still a lot of oldies in circulation. ~Matt


Level 6

Jefferson nickel set can be done! In fact, I attempted this. Never found 1939-D or 1943-D. War nickels are still around.


Level 6

Nice reasoning. Nickels and be boring or very rewarding. Personally, I like the Jefferson Nickel.


Level 6

Congratulations on filling your Jefferson Nickel Folder! I think I would spend the leftovers unless there are some real nice strikes or dates. Or something unusual about the coin. Have fun!

Nickels, I think, are the easiest to still find in circulation. Countless times I have picked up a nickel, found in a vending machine that was in the 30's, 40's, and 50's. I did find a curious San Francisco Nickel in a coin return, 1969. Don't know how it ended up in circulation.


Level 7

The set can be put together easy. It takes time. You have to buy alot most of the early ones are in bad shape. And alot of people by the uncirculated sets and proof sets because there all in good shape. It's up to the individual what they want. You can own uncirculated set or a mixture. It's up to you. But you won't find the S mint nickels in circulation. Lots of luck. Enjoy it lots of fun doing it. Mike

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