Jefferson Nickel

02 Sep 2014

Jefferson Nickels from1985-2002



Level 1

I have a 1941 Jefferson nickel with 2 stars after liberty on obverse....Does anyone have any information on this?


Level 5

I have about ten as well! only I have two with errors


Level 6

Jefferson nickels make a great collection, and can possible be collected out of circulation. I almost completed a set from change.


Level 6

I like the Jefferson Nickels, especially the War nickels!


Level 7

I happen to like the Jefferson Nickel. How come the new collectors hate our coinage. This is our history. It's important. Right away everyone wants to get rid of this change that for what. Your concerned with the national debt. Plesee


Level 5

A great way to collect!



Level 5

I don't enthusiastically collect nickels so new, but I do have sets of WWJ nickels, from Philadelphia, Denver, and even San Francisco. I prefer pre-1966 coins--that is, coins with no F.S. under Jefferson's bust. I also love Liberty Head Nickels.


Level 4

No :( but I'm trying to get one


Level 5

Get a box of Jefferson nickels!!! The odds of a war nickels are there! I'd say that there is one war nickel for every $125 you search! That is for me in NJ though, I don't know if that makes any difference, but it could. Anyway, I am under 200 miles away from Philadelphia, which minted more war nickels than Denver and San Francisco.


Level 4

Awesome!!! Do you have a war nickel?


Level 5

I have 10 including one with an error.

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