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21 Jul 2014

A Trip to the 2014 ANA Summer Seminar

ANA - Summer Seminar | nscoinkid1997

It was another great year in Colorado Springs at the ANA Summer Seminar.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend this year for the fourth time on a Young Numismatist Scholarship.  During the session that I attended (2ndSession), I took part in the "Creating a Winning Numismatic Exhibit" class taught by two-time Howland Wood Best of Show Award winner Larry Sekulich.  Throughout the week, every student learned a lot, met other numismatists and enjoyed the fun and fellowship which we have in this hobby.  In this article, I am going to give a bit of insight into the experience of attending Summer Seminar as a student and everything that makes it the "best education in numismatics, period."


With the new schedule of Summer Seminar, I started my journey early in the morning of Saturday June 28th.  I flew from Halifax, via Chicago O'Hare to Colorado Springs.   When I got to the Colorado Springs Airport  I met up with Daniel "Tiny" Cross, a very familiar face for Summer Seminar students.  After some other students landed and deplaned our group left the airport for a short shuttle ride to Colorado College for the registration brunch.  Once I got settled into my dorm, I met up with some of the other YN's and prepared for the opening ceremonies later that night.  During the opening ceremonies, the students had the opportunity to meet their instructors and hear from ANA staff about some of the events happening during the week.  Right after the ceremonies finished, many students (including myself) headed over to the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum for the annual Summer Seminar Book Sale.  After getting some great books for my library of Canadian Coins, I headed back to the YN Dorm to meet the rest of the YN's that were there for the week.  We had a meeting that night to go over the ground rules for the YN's for the week and start some of the preparation for the benefit auction to be held later that week.

 On Sunday, our classes began in the classrooms of Colorado College.  This year as I mentioned earlier, I took the "Creating a Winning Numismatic Exhibit" course taught by award winning exhibitor and Howland Wood Award winner Larry Sekulich.  This was the second time that I took the class and it was truly as educational and fun for me as the first time I took part.  During the week, we learned many different things that it takes to make a great educational exhibit.  Each student in the class had the opportunity to work on our own exhibits and help each other with them.  It gave us a great opportunity to learn a lot from everyone involved in the class.   By the end of the class, we all were more confident exhibitors and came out of it with a solid groundwork for a great educational numismatic exhibit.


Tuesday Night was truly my favorite part of the week.  The Young Numismatist Scholarship Auction took place, which raises money to send Young Numismatists from all over North America back to Colorado Springs each year.  This event truly is tough to describe because of how fun it is.  Throughout the week, the Young Numismatists take donations of lots, produce a catalog of all the lots for the event and run the whole event on auction night.  This year's event was one of the best auctions that I have had the opportunity to take part in.  We had 145 lots of everything from ancients, medals and many other coins from all over the world all the way to Nova Scotian maple syrup and the opportunity to let another student wear a money themed prom dress to the banquet to be held the last night.  The highlight item of this year's auction was a gold Octodrachm of Ptolemy III (246-222 BC) which sold for $13,750.  In the end we raised $30,565 for the Young Numismatist Scholarship Fund, which will help bring young people to Colorado Springs to take part in Summer Seminar for years to come.


Wednesday night is a very interesting night for everyone.  It is the last night of Summer Seminar and the Graduation banquet.   After attending the Graduation Reception at the Worner Campus Center, everyone headed across the street to the Cornerstone Arts Centre for the Graduation Banquet.  Once everyone had ate, the students had the opportunity to hear from ANA Education Project Manager Susan McMillan, say thank you as the instructors for the week were presented with their certificates of appreciation and enjoy the company of other fellow numismatists.  The big honor presented at the end of the banquet was Rod Gillis presenting this year's Lawerence J. Gentile Sr. Memorial Award for Outstanding Adult Advisor of the Year to long time Boy Scouts member (75 Years) and merit badge workshop instructor Keith Grove.


The opportunity to attend a fourth Summer Seminar was truly a privilege.  To meet all of the people that are there, learn the things that you would learn and to be in the company of other numismatists, the experience of attending Sumer Seminar was truly rewarding for me.    I definitely encourage any young numismatist who wants to become more knowledgable about different areas of numismatics as well as meeting other numismatists from around the world to apply for the seminar.  You will definitely have the time of your life!



Level 5

SOoooooo jealous. ill be there one day... ... ... ... eventually


Level 3

I'm so jealous!!!!


Level 5

long and detailed, thanks.

Ian Fenn

Level 5

Good blog you attending this year?

Dollar Guy

Level 5

I am glad you enjoyed the SS in 2014. Do it again. Thanks for that I did not know "tiny's" real name -


Level 5

Looks like you enjoyed it!


Level 3

Great Report! I was at the first session :)

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