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06 Jun 2015

2015 World Fair of Money

World's Fair of Money | nucsro

Can't wait to go to the fair this year. Last year I had to cancel last minute due to work. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed this year.


I am planning on going one of these days!


Level 5

I can never go. Chicago is to far away and my da would never take me. Ive been to the natl coin show in atlanta before tho


Level 4

Sorry you got to miss it. I didn't go, but it sounds neat! Got to keep those fingers crossed for next time!


Level 4

The show was incredible. I had so much fun meeting very nice people who taught me so much. I wish it was in Chicago every year.


Level 4

Have a great time!


Level 5

Have fun and don't forget to tell us all about your experience!


Level 6

Hope both you guys get to go this year. Wish I could attend! : )


Level 4

Do you live close by Chicago?


Level 5

Me too. This year will be the first time I will be albe to attend the WFM in 4 years.

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