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16 Oct 2014


Coins-United States | NumistmaNerd

Hello fellow Collectors, As some might also be having the same issues plucking state Qtr;s, ATB Qtr's and DC/Terr Qtr's out of circulation I propose

a barter. Im on the west Coast and get a healthy supply of Denver's but the Pennsylvania mints are hard to come by. I hoard the States and never spend them so I have plenty of the Denver's to trade. Im having issues finding any of the others (DC/Terr, ATB) I know the others have low mintage's but if anyone is willing to trade States for those please let me know. Thanks in advance




Level 7

I like the idea but its just going to cost them thousands of dollars to get a program written. They have there hands full now looking for donations. Also someone mentioned buying you can't buy or sell coins on this site. I really would love it because I don't sell my coins I would rather trade good idea!


Level 5

I love trading! I live on the east coast so 'D' and 'S' mint coins are hard to find!


Level 5

Swap page is a great idea for Ana Members!


Level 6

A swap page would be great!


Level 6

I really like the idea of a "swap" page or even coins for sale or to buy... For ANA members only


Level 5

yes, i like the idea too.


Level 4

I'm in favor. They should have a swap shop page here on the site for ANA members in good standing.


Level 3

I agree they should, I think it needs to be for only ANA members though, Im not sure if the public can see he forums or not, but just to be safe I think it would be best. W

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