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19 Jun 2014

Lack of Cancel buttons in the beta site system

Test | Numorum

The beta test site appears to have no Cancel buttons implemented. Once one chooses to start something, the only option is to Save whatever one has done. This is a serious problem, even for experienced posters who often add comments to things, but may be interrupted midstream or change their minds after they start writing.

In fact, when I started writing this, I was unclear whether I was sending a message or adding a post to a blog. I had no idea that I was starting my own Blog!


You are not very active.


Level 7

Could someone explain what this site is and what it does thank you!


Level 5

Sounds like good early feedback!

Dollar Guy

Level 5

You should see one of my comments on a forum. I was trying to correct a spelling error and what ever I did sure screwed it up something terrible. Now on I tpe very slooooowly and watch my syntax. You never know when the words will come back to haunt you whether you actually said what is repeated back to you is/was actually said or typed.


Level 5

I understand. People may see you typing horribly (or in your case, thinking that), and so they won't like you. If you type sensibly, however, people will think that you are smart. You are smart to be careful, I always check my comments and blogs for errors, and then I publish.


Level 3

I did use the bug tool as well, but had no choice but to post something here once I had hit the button to start, so I entered my notes on the problem. As I said, without a Cancel button, d@m# difficult to not post something once you start!


Level 4

Please use the bug reporting tool to report your concerns . That way Riser has it on their list.


Level 3

Nope, didn't ask for any form of verification. Wonder what kind of spam we'll get?


Level 3

Just testing how the Submit comment works to see if it has any anti-spam security system.

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