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18 Nov 2014

1913 Liberty Nickel

| Peter

Wanted the Five Person

Paul Montgomery

Mark Borckardt

Larry Lee

Stephen Bobbitt

Douglas Mudd

These are the Persons how find the 1913 Liberty Nickel.

They Authenticators for Numismatic World to see.

(July 30, 2003 at Baltimore Coin Shows)

Mr. Walton 1913 Liberty Nickel was the last pieces of organ set.

Now were are Five Persons how find 1913 Liberty Nickels at?

What are they doing now? What careers have they taking?

Are they still in Numismatic World of Coins?

Here is lasts record of different careers they have taking.

Paul Montgomery - U. S. Coins in Houston, Texas

Career as Numismatics

Mark Borckardt - Heritage Galleries

Senior Cataloger/Senior Numismatist

Larry Lee

Stephen Bobbitt - Business Interests

Douglas Mudd - ANA money Museum

Where are they at now? What Business are they into Now?


Amanda Varner

Level 4

I believe he's asking about the previous owners and where they are now, not the coins themselves ... an interesting question! :)


Level 5

One is in the Smithsonian, one is in the ANA museum and the other 3 are in private hands.

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