Peter's Blog

02 Dec 2014

1913 Liberty Nickel

| Peter

Samuel W. Brown a former employee of the Philadelphia Mint. Silent, refusing to surrender the secrets of how the 1913 Liberty Nickel came to be. How one person made 1913 Liberty Nickels, there was no other person. He resign and move on with his life. He wait 10 years before ask the question? I will paid anybody 600.00 for a 1913 Liberty Nickel. Why did Stella Hackel Sims Destroyed the records. Samuel W. Brown, one person how know the secrets of the puzzles, which he had the five organ 1913 Liberty Nickel. Nobody real find out what happen, why he did it, or how he got away for Government Mint without any problems. A free man then, but not now in today time.

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