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29 Aug 2019

coin buyer

| Peter

didn't used going twice on proxibid. com auction house. company take your money and you have to call for your coin the you buy for them. it take about three week to receive them.


I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for the warning


Level 5

That was very interesting to read.... But not in the usual way ahaha!


Level 7

Very confusing I think you just of mixed up what you were trying to say.


thanks for the warning? I am left with several question marks.....


Level 6

This looks like computer language translator, maybe??


Level 6

This blog doesn't really make sense... I agree with Mokie...something seems to be missing.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Somehow I sense that a lot of this blog is missing. Like a paragraph at the beginning and a summary? Maybe it's just me.


Level 4

I think its just you i see... uhmmm never mind.

There are apparently quite a number of proxy-bidding sites around. I have never used them, but know a number of people who have, especially ancient collectors. There seems to be only two opinions - swear by them, or swear at them. I like to use them to find the sales and look at the coins, but I much prefer to place my own bids directly with the auction house.

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